I Think I Made a Friend.

The utmost respect for you if you can tell me the first movie you think of when you hear the title said outloud.

I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that tomorrow is Friday.

This week has been dragging and I cannot wait to relax, sleep in, enjoy the warm weather (not in SF obviously but across one of the bridges connecting us to heat), and not have to wake up at 6am to go for a run. Or wake up at 6am in general.



Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually not miserable with the marathon training. I even secretly enjoy it (for now – I don’t hit double digit mileage until this weekend. Ask me again on Sunday how much I like it.) 😉

But I do not, nor will I ever, enjoy waking up in the 5 or 6am hour. No matter how good I feel after my run. The physical act of actually getting out of bed when it’s dark outside will always be torturous to me.


Apparently, the secret to running in the AM is in your workout gear.

Well played Miley.


Torturous as it may be, I woke up a little after 6 to complete my 3-mile run as outlined by God Hal Higdon.

To be honest the only real reason I woke up pre-7am to run 3 miles (which I now think of as child’s play) was because we were out of frozen fruit and boyfriend and I wanted them in our protein shakes for breakfast this morning.

Since I had a run to do anyway, and since starting marathon training I have developed a hatred for evening running, I decided to just suck it up, run, and get that frozen goodness for our breakfast concoctions.

Fast forward to post work, I hit up my Pilates class for some strength and toning (seriously making a huge difference in my running) and made a new friend.

Yes, this would be my dream dog. Chocolate lab with huge brown eyes.

We bonded pretty much instantly.

She was depressed when class started and no one else would sit on the hardwood floor of the Pilates studio with her.


Then she stared me down like I just told her “it’s not you, it’s me” as I walked away.

If dognapping wasn’t a felony (is it? I imagine it’s up there as far as crimes go), I would have been extremely tempted.

Post Pilates, I went for the pedicure I’ve been obsessing about getting (and still haven’t fit into my “busy” schedule), but there was a 15 minute wait (heaven forbid), so I decided no, I could not wait 15 minutes, I’ll come back tomorrow.

And made the best cereal bowl of my life.


Peanut Butter Puffins and Cinnamon Cheerios.

I typically keep about 4 boxes of cereal in the apartment, why do I never think about mixing them together more?

I had about 2.5 bowls and had I not finished off both boxes, could have gone back for more.

Luckily, the cooking gene inside of me has been awoken with a vengeance and I planned ahead and prepped something when I got home from work. And that something has just finished up in the slow cooker.

Off to get dinner ready and get ready for some Jersey Shore action. From the previews I gather that the Sitch either actually gets punched or they leave us hanging for one more week. Either way, it’s going to happen soon.




How did you spend your Thursday night?


5 thoughts on “I Think I Made a Friend.

  1. catching up watching 4 episodes of the Franchise, watching the Giants keep struggling 😦 booooo and eating leftover chicken and rice…..next up Jersey Shore of course!!!

  2. Haha whenever I see cute dogs I always think about dognapping them… I’m only half serious 😉

    Side note: I’m typing this from my iPhone and spelt dognapping wrong and my iPhone auto corrected it – had no idea that was a word?!

  3. I have a golden retriver mix that would love to go running with you or hiking just name the day and time, Delphi will join you!

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