Crazy, Stupid, Love.

No this is not some insightful post about love and relationships.

Quite the contrary actually.

Last night I met up with one of my girlfriends for dinner and a movie.

Our film of choice?

We’re both big movie fans, and even bigger romantic comedy fans. (Past movies have included Friends with Benefits, Country Strong, No Strings Attached, How Do You Know (terrible, do not see), Life As We Know It, Due Date, etc).

So naturally, this movie had to happen.

I crazy, stupid, LOVED this movie. (See what I did there?) πŸ˜‰

To break it down-

Emma Stone is her usual hilariously witty self.

Ryan Gosling plays the cocky womanizer perfectly, has some great one-liners himself, and is impeccably dressed the entire movie. (Sidebar: Am I the only one still mad at him that things didn’t work out with Rachel?)


Steve Carrell is hysterical in a really pathetic sort of way and you definitely feel for the guy.

Julianne Moore looks fantastic, but is just kind of “there” as far as her role goes.

Kevin Bacon is creepy. I’m sorry, this is just in general. Ever since The River Wild (which if you haven’t seen it, he plays a total psycho. It came out in the early 90’s so at this point if you haven’t seen it… surprise! Now you know.), he weirds me out and I am just not a fan. So my review on his performance is completely biased.



The movie is about the demise of Steve and Julianne’s marriage and the aftermath of what happens. Throw in a little Emma and Ryan for good measure and you have yourself an adorable romantic comedy with a not-so predictable ending.

I would definitely recommend seeing it – if not for Ryan Gosling’s abs, then for Emma Stone’s one-liners. The girl is golden.


What’s the last movie you saw and loved?

What’s the next movie on your list?

I still want to see Harry Potter, The Help, My Idiot Brother, and Columbiana!


15 thoughts on “Crazy, Stupid, Love.

  1. I saw this movie and liked it, didn’t love it though. I was expecting it to be better & I think Steve Carrell is just typecast into that same old nerdy “cant-get-a-woman” roll. With that said, I can’t WAIT to see The Help and One Day. Two on my list of must-see (this rarely happens, because, as you can probably tell, I’m a big critic and rarely find movies I love!)

    Totally agree w/ you about being mad Ryan isn’t dating Rachel anymore πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been wanting to see this – I also really want to see The Help!

    I am still mad at Ryan Gosling. I ❀ the Notebook, and those two together in real life made that movie even better haha

  3. Your thoughts were pretty dead on! I love Emma Stone & I’m not mad at Ryan…he’s too hot to stay mad at πŸ˜‰

    The last movie I saw was One Day with Anne Hathaway. It was good but sort of depressing. Also, I heard The Help was really good!!

  4. OMG so glad that you loved this movie as much as I did! Ryan Gosling is so hot and I loved seeing him so impeccably dressed in this movie! Add his great chemistry with Emma Stone and I was sold! And yes, I hate that he isn’t with Rachel anymore! I think they are meant for each other!! Oh and of course I just read that article and he says that their love story is “a hell of a lot more romantic” than the Notebook? Swoon. I want to hear it… NOW!

    You should add One Day to your romantic comedy list too! Incredible book and a great movie! And I actually just wrote about The Help today but that was excellent as well! Next on my list is “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with SJP!

  5. oh i heard it was so good!! i know, i wish ryan and rachel worked out..theyre so cute!

    i really wanna see my idiot brother too, i love paul rudd!

  6. The drive-in double feature of CSL and FWB was a good way to compare the two romcoms side by side…. too bad we were in the long car line with a poor view of the screen for half of CSL…. all of that aside, I LOVE LOVE LOVE emma stone and a part of me feels like her roles are what LiLo could have had if her life hadn’t gone so… south.

    Next romcom on my list: Midnight in Paris (owen wilson, rachel, paris? sounds like a winner) It came out in June but is just now hitting my cheap $2 theater…. they’re also playing horrible bosses and super 8! really want to see those as well!

  7. Yes! I so want to see this movie. I especially need to get my opinion back for Ryan Gosling after watching Blue Valentine last night and wanted to kill myself. BORINGEST. MOVIE. EVER. Alright, boringest isn’t a word. But it was so depressing and brutal. Acting great, but blah! What a waste. I’m excited to see the Change Up- I’ve heard it’s hilariously funny! And I also LOVE Emma Stone. What a gem. Just like you.

  8. So, I’m a loser. I do not go to the movies. I wait for them to come on Netflix (which I no longer subscribe to) or On Demand, which I pay for when I get a free coupon. The last movie I saw in theaters was Black Swan, circa Nov. 2010 at an amazing indie theatre in Kendall Sq, Cambridge. I did LOVE the movie, though, and bought the DVD in presale.

    Don’t think I’ve seen a movie w/ Emma Stone (not sure if Easy A has hit Redbox), but in this cast image, she really looks like a redheaded Kate Bosworth.

    I’m on vacay, though, and thinking I might want to see My Idiot Brother, thanks to an interview Rashida Jones gave with Chelsea yesterday.

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