Lead Legs

Gooood Morning!

We’re officially 1/2 way through the work week! (Thank god, because this waking up at 6am business isn’t helping anyone.)


Since my Marathon Training Plan is like crack to me until December 4, yesterday after work I took one look at it and then I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill for my 3-mile run.

Would it have been more worthwhile to run it outside? Yes.

Did I feel like running the gauntlet between tourists on bicycles, hipsters with cameras and gale force winds? No.

Would I be able to read my new Us Weekly (that I now subscribe to, for free) outside? No.

So I set the treadmill to an 8:49/mile pace, and dove right into Teen Mom-ness of it all. Yes they were on the cover, again.

No Maci, we don’t care about the love triangle you’re still stuck in. Again.


(I can’t even tell you how many issues and thoughts I have regarding the fact that they are on the cover and I am *forced* to read about them. I. don’t. care. But obviously I will read it anyway.)



After that, I headed home, grabbed a piece of wholewheat sourdough toast, smeared it with Peanut Butter, changed out of running shorts, into Lulu crops and ran out the door to my Pilates Class.

Where I got my booty kicked.

Last night’s class was 1/3 booty, 1/3 arms and 1/3 abs. Needless to say, I was sore before I even got home.

Which made this morning’s run of 6 miles even more fun that a run can be when done at 6am.

Please note the sarcasm. πŸ˜‰

My legs felt like lead and super heavy the entire run, but I managed to pull out a solid 8:40/mile average pace.

I even passed TWO people. (That were in their late 70’s and walking.)


I know Kim, I know. No one understands.

Luckily the NSync pandora station didn’t fail me and brought back “Dirty Pop” and “Tearin Up My Heart”.

Seriously, does 6am get much better than that? Unless I’m sleeping, then no, it does not.

That being said getting the run out of the way allows me to focus on my priorities post-work – like a manicure, a pedicure, and a dinner/movie date with a good friend!

Excuse me while I go inhale a leftover turkey burger for lunch – yes I brought a bun (english muffin), cheese, and arugula in Ziploc bags to give it a more authentic feel.


What’s your favorite part about AM workouts?


12 thoughts on “Lead Legs

  1. Haha that’s so funny, I was totally bashing whole wheat sourdough toast in my morning post today πŸ˜‰

    My fave part of AM workouts? Getting it out of the way! Right about 10am I start regretting it though because I start to get really sleepy.

  2. I think running and yoga are the only two AM workouts that I enjoy. I love getting it ‘done with’ at the beginning of my day…and they wake me up! I feel great all day when I run before coming into work.

  3. Ok first of all- please explain how you have obtained a subscription to US Weekly for FREE?! And that Teen Mom stuff is always the same… Amber’s a bad mom (um, duh) that one girl got arrested again (big surprise) and Macy loves Kyle but then there’s Ryan (pick Kyle, Ryan’s a jerk.) And did I just give myself away for knowing way too much about them?? πŸ˜‰ Glad you were able to think about your priorities… sounds like you have a fun night in store, the perfect mid-week treat! And I’m the queen of ziplock bags! I always love to put separate ingredients in them!

  4. I love the being awake and outside when its all calm and quiet and everybody else is awake yet HOWEVER I am USELESS as s**t at working out in the morning! Lead legs doesn’t even cover it! Plus that and the fact that I need a nap at about 10:30! :/ Enjoy your mani/pedi and dinner date! πŸ™‚

  5. definitely getting it over with. waking up is so hard but im always glad i do…its so much better not to have it weighing on your mind all day long!

  6. 20.5 carats gets me every time…. takes my breath away and I can’t think. Can’t say I’ve even seen a picture of the ring anyway. Crazy, I know…. I’ll google it now…
    I am really getting into the whole AM workout right now! Before work starts, it leaves me energized AND I don’t have to workout when I’m pooed out from school. Win-Win (minus the getting up at 5:50)

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