Catching Up On My Reading

Week 4 of Marathon Training is officially underway!

I find it a little disturbing that I’m actually looking forward to it. Who am I?

A short month or so ago that would have been as likely as Jada Pinkett Smith having an affair with Marc Anthony. (I mean really? Did he start that rumor himself?)


Yesterday was cross-training day! I headed to the gym directly after work and completed 60 glorious minutes on cardio machines.

30 minutes was spend on the Elliptical (Resistance 9, Incline 20) while reading about my all-time favorite actress:

Say it with me now. Class. Act. Seriously – with all this woman went through, publicly, I could not have more respect for her. Now please just date Ryan Reynolds already.

Reading celebrity magazines seriously makes a workout fly by. I’m one of those freaks of nature that can read while on the elliptical, bike, even on the treadmill, and I really don’t know how I would stand the boredom that sets in after 37 seconds without out.

After that I hopped onto the upright stationary bike and completed 30 minutes of the Hill Program, Level 9 and caught up on the latest Runner’s World. (My gym subscribes and it’s glorious).

Of course, in keeping with my theme for the week, they had some seriously helpful articles on long, slow runs and tips to keep your pace down, and why they’re beneficial for you. Definitely check it out if you haven’t!

They also had some great articles on mental strength, something I think will come in very useful when running those 26.2 miles in December!

My legs felt fantastic after an hour of cardio and I found myself looking forward to my next run (surprise legs! it’s today!)

OK I’m really more excited to blast my NSYNC Pandora station for 3 wonderful miles.

Have a great Tuesday! 🙂

What workouts do you most look forward to?


9 thoughts on “Catching Up On My Reading

  1. This is my dream reading duo!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! I LOVE Sandra and coincidentally, HATE Scarlett. And Ryan… is the best. He is so damn hot, but he reminds me of my brother in law which is a little creepola. Did you hear that Scarlett apparently wants him back? She can shove it.
    Uhm… not that I really care about celebrity gossip, really.

  2. Jada + Marc? Not a chance… Jada and WIll forever! And omg yes please for Sandra and Ryan… they would be way too cute together!!That’s great that your training is going so well! Good music (aka pop songs) always motivates me and pumps me up! I always look forward to Dance Works classes! They are a great distraction from reality and always so fun!

  3. I LOVE Ryan Reynold! He’s an all-time favorite!

    I love long, slower distance runs on the weekends bc I have more time to get the workout in, unlike during the week when I’m rushed. Plus, planning the right meal the night before, etc is kinda fun too. Being excited about training/running is a GREAT thing!

  4. Okay, Ryan Reynolds is my DREAM man! I actually wrote an entire post about him last year when he was voted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Selfishly I don’t want him to end up with Sandra because I want him to be MINE! muahaha. ;-p

    I *always* have reading material when I work out at the gym. Without it I’d be on and off that machine in under a minute. Gossip never fails to fuel a fab sweat sesh!

    Thanks for your hotel recommendation for Foodbuzz! I looked at Hotel Vitale and it looks great. Now we just have to figure out the roommate deets… 🙂

    Happy happy hump day! xoxo

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