A Moo Point

TGIF!! We’re almost there! (Well some of you are already “there” and I get jealous thinking about it then I think that while I was sleeping at 7am this morning, you were at work…. so basically it’s a moo point.)

A moo point. It just doesn’t matter.


I’m hoping that you are all as equally disturbed as I am over the trainwreck that is Deena Nicole on last night’s Jersey Shore. I mean really?! I cringed for a good 27 minutes. And just cringed again thinking about how icky it was while I was cringing.

I’m also a little happy Ron and Sam are back together for entertainment value purposes only. Because you know it’s only a matter of time (AKA next week) before they have a blowout. Or the Sitch gets decked. Either way. I’m game.

Just please no more Deena in compromising situations. It’s rough on the eyes.

In honor of Jersey Shore (and mainly because I think it’s just an easy Thursday night dinner and is fast becoming a tradition) I whipped up a 5-minute (not kidding) pizza for boyfriend and I to have for dinner.

I also performed a magic trick and made the entire pizza disappear! Who knew I was that talented?

  • Whole Wheat Boboli Thin Crust
  • My mom’s homemade pesto (with basil she grows in the backyard!)
  • Reduced Fat Mozzarella
  • Sundried Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Grilled Chicken

5 minutes to prep, 9 minutes to bake. . . 30 seconds to inhale.

That is what I call an easy (and delicious!) dinner.

Some eats today?

Another Blueberry Mocha Smoothie – only subtract the vanilla protein powder + cocoa powder and add in the life-changer… Chocolate SunWarrior Protein Powder.

Unreal. I LOVED it. And drank it in record time.

THIS was actually delicious. Fresh juice from the Plant Cafe Organic.

  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Celery
  • Apple
  • Ginger

I need a juicer.

Follow up by my last Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burger on a Sandwich Thin with a Swiss Cheese Laughing Cow Wedge. . . and my daily bag of BBQ PopChips. (It’s an addiction and I’m just not willing to fight it.)

Time to finish up the day at work. . . and fully enjoy my rest day of the week from Marathon Training! 🙂

Have a lovely Friday!


6 thoughts on “A Moo Point

  1. Spoiler alert! shoot…. i didn’t get to watch last night but heard recaps of Deena on the radio this a.m. Gnarly. Will have to watch it tonight. I think I might need to grill pizza this weekend, yours looks delicious – sun dried tomatoes are money.

    ps. glad you fixed the problem, but in the meantime i just post as “guest” instead of under the wordpress tab. seems to work!

  2. I NEED to catch up on Jersey Shore! The only news I’ve heard is about the Abercrombie Situation. Ha.

    Boboli pizza crust is amazing!! It never fails…I just wish they had a GF version. Someday, someday…

    I am SO sold on moving to SF now that Yogorino is there! Have you been yet? xoxo

  3. Hahahahah Deena- I actually like her. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t cringe a zillion times like you did, either. God, I love the Shore. I’m often not sure why I don’t have a reality show of my own.
    That pizza looks RIDIC. And 5 minutes! You are wonder woman!

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