“Easy” Day

Gooood Evening!

Hope you all had a great day today. The Giants blew yet another baseball game in the 11th inning so that was great. Seriously guys, it’s time to pull it together. I’m fairly certain about 11 people are hurt from the starting line-up, which is always a positive.


THIS won't happen again if you keep playing like THAT


Luckily this loss happened while I was riding high on endorphins (helloooo runner’s high!) so it’s time to move on!

Today on the Marathon Plan?

3 Mile Run + Pilates Reformer Class (the latter added in by me… I’ve added 2 Pilates classes/week on shorter mileage days to keep up my strength training).

The Pilates class was great and the instructor incorporated a lot of leg and arm work too so it ended up being a total body workout… which I’ll never complain about!


I went in my running gear, had my Garmin and headphones in my pocket and took off for 3 miles as soon as the class was over.

Apparently I’m not one of those people that can do cardio after weights. When I read Julie’s post, I figured I could do both in either order and not really be affected.


Evidently I do have fitness goals (hello Marathon!) and that fitness goal is cardio. Strength is just an added bonus to help my running. I do my best running when it’s not after an hour of legs, arms, and core on a contraption of pain (the reformer).

The wind was also blowing at a hurricane’s pace, the tourists were all over the place on bicycles (about 1 picture away from completely bailing… and where are your helmets people?!), and my “jacket” no matter how light it was, was driving me nuts.

What do all of those factors have in common?

They made me run like a bat outta hell to finish the run as quickly as possible!



As soon as I get home, I cut up an apple and put roughly 1/2 a jar of Peanut Butter on top (I kid, it was more like 3/4 of the jar) to get some protein back into my system. Post-run (or workout for that matter) it’s highly recommended to eat a high-protein snack within 30-60 minutes of finishing when muscle glycogen (energy) stores are at their lowest. At that point they’re depleted and ready to be replenished.

It’s crazy to me that after only ~2 weeks, I think of the 3-5 mile runs as “easy” runs. Those used to constitute entire workouts for me!

Will the day come when 8-9 miles is “easy” once I start getting into double digits? Who knows!

It’s time to start on dinner and relax my sore muscles for the rest of the night… hope you have a great one!


What’s your go-to post workout snack?

I love me some chocolate milk!


10 thoughts on ““Easy” Day

  1. Ah yes, the SF gale force winds. When I lived in the city, I would run down Embarcadero from North Beach to the Bay Bridge and back, and on the way out it was like running through honey or something. Resistance training, courtesy of the wind 🙂

  2. mm i love chocolate milk!! i usually have a smoothie post workout. i’ve never taken a pilates reformer class..it sounds pretty tough..are they much harder than normal pilates?

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