Week 2 to 26.2

Week 2 of Marathon Training is officially complete!

Because I was going to be in San Diego this past weekend, I had to switch up some of the days, but I’m very proud to say I completed everything on the plan!

Monday – Cross-train (30 minutes Stationary Bike – Hill Program Level 10 and 25 minutes Elliptical Resistance 9, Incline 20)

Tuesday – 3 mile run (treadmill) + TRX class

Wednesday – 5 mile run

Thursday – 9 mile run + Pilates Reformer class

Friday – 5 mile run (pre-flight to San Diego)



Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 3 mile run (treadmill), 20 minutes stationary bike

Since I’ve been running outside so often, my dislike hatred for the treadmill has returned in full force – it’s so boring.

I’ve been on a running high all week so I decided to download a book I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about to read on my (short) flight to and from San Diego – Kara Goucher’s Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons



I already can’t put it down. Kara needs to write another book.

I’m about 60% of the way through the book (thank you Kindle for the update) and I’m loving it.

It’s full of tips, personal stories, suggestions, expert advice and great testimonials that follow Kara’s life through running. I’ve already highlighted several sections such as pre-race fueling, beating mental blocks, and some great training tips.

Definitely a must read if you’re a runner, thinking about being a runner, or just interested in running! As someone training for my first full marathon, I love it thus far!

Kara runs a blog at http://karagoucher.competitor.com/ if you’re interested in checking it out. Obviously our workouts are pretty similar, but you know, just for a different perspective. 😉

Off to cook up some dinner and catch up on Friday’s Whale Wars… I’m seriously hoping they stop with the  child’s play and just stop the stupid whaling fleet already!


What did you do this weekend?





16 thoughts on “Week 2 to 26.2

  1. omg im obsessed with KARA. She is my favorite!! Do you have her NIKE coaching workout? I have it on my itunes – if you dont have it yet Ill have to get it to you. She ROCKS!

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