Reform School + Eats!

Hellooooo it’s finally (almost) Friday!!

Even better? Today was my Friday.

This evening, (after watching about 5 episodes of MadMen, my newest TV obsession – thank you Netflix Instant Queue for providing me with 52 commercial free episodes) I attended a new Pilates class.

On this little number:


Ahhh the Pilates reformer.

And here I thought I had upper body strength.

Wrong. Those blue springs owned me.

(Reformers tend to have 3 (ish?) different spring strengths. The studio I went to, had 3 colors in order of strength. Yellow was the lightest, then blue, then red. We didn’t even get near the red.)

Before you think I’m insane for taking a Pilates class after running 9 miles this morning, I signed up for it yesterday morning, and they have a 24 hour cancellation policy… so it was either suck it up and go… or lose $18.

I chose the former.

It was a great class, the studio is awesome, and I bought a month unlimited pass (at a steal!) so that I can keep up twice weekly classes (read: strength and toning) while I marathon train.




In addition to workouts today… some fantastic food was consumed.



Veggie Burger from Plant Cafe Organic (made of beets, lentils, cashews, bulgur wheat and mushrooms) with white cheddar on grilled whole wheat bread and Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips

I’m not a vegetarian, but this burger is ridiculously good… and my go-to at Plant.

To wash it down?

Apple, cucumber, watermelon juice – fresh from the juicer.

Ladies and gentlemen, I need a juicer. This just cemented it. The freshest, most flavorful, delicious juice I’ve ever had.

I popped into Real Foods to grab a coconut water after Pilates and stumbled upon the best cracker/cookie hybrid I’ve ever tasted – Barbara’s Snackimals.





So far I’ve only had a bag of Oatmeal (they taste like Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls but in cracker form – unreal) and I can’t wait to try the vanilla tomorrow! Get these. Whole Foods may have them? SF-ers… Real Foods has them fully stocked at $0.79 each!

SO. Good.

Dinner was easy-



2 slices Acme Sourdough Bread (fresh from Acme Bread Company that my Mom picked up for me yesterday – thanks Mom!) topped with pesto and 2 eggs scrambled with milk and mozzarella cheese.

Delicious, easy, and surprisingly incredibly filling!

Off to watch the newest Jersey Shore… I’m not even embarrassed. I love this show. (Minus the Deena/Pauly D mouth attack I still can’t get out of my head).

Have a great night!!


16 thoughts on “Reform School + Eats!

  1. juicers are amazing. we just bought one… a breville. my favorite is a kale, beet, ginger and carrot juice (doesnt taste like veggies at all) and a great way to increase your veggie intake. best kitchen investment EVER.

  2. ACME bread!! The best bread ever. It’s what I grew up on…We used to pop into the original bakery in Berkeley every weekend for fresh loaves of pain au levain. I still haven’t found a bakery (or bread) that compares. I remain convinced that the Bay Area makes the best version of almost everything. Which is why I am determined to move back some day!

    The apple, cucumber, watermelon juice looks so refreshing. Yum!

  3. Woot… figured out how to comment on your page finally!

    I took a reformer class (from a groupon) and everyone was fine and dandy until my leg had a mini spasm and crashed into the springs on accident. The back of my ankle got a little bruised and running later that day was no fun… so be careful!

    p.s. watching that same Jersey Shore ep on the plane right now 🙂

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