Garmin the Game Changer

I really don’t know how I’ve ever run more than 5 steps without Garmin strapped to my wrist.

Game. Changer.



I also remembered why I woke up at 6am to run my 5 miles yesterday rather than waiting until after work to do it.

  • Wind. It literally felt like I was running 3 miles of wind sprints, the resistance was that strong.
  • Tourists. Navigating around people watching the scenery, rather than the humans they are about to take out on their bicycles made the run a little stressful.
  • Cars. In the mornings, there is no traffic. It’s quiet and serene and perfect for a run. In the afternoon it’s loud, there are noisy buses and trucks everywhere, and I hate stopping at lights/stop signs for cars – throws me off.
Next time I’m debating AM vs PM, I’m just going to repeat the following: Wind. Tourists. Cars.
Back to Garmin. I love this little gadget. I loved seeing my pace, my time, my distance, and how light it was on my wrists. My wrists are pretty small and it fit nice and snug and didn’t bother me in the least.
Thanks to Aron’s Garmin Basics, I was able to set the auto lap to 1 mile in about 15 seconds and off I went! SO EASY.
Post run I couldn’t decide if I wanted something with Peanut Butter (I’d only had 1 serving of Almond Butter today, not my usual 17) or cereal (my “after school” go-to. Yes I still call it that, no I haven’t been in school since 2006.)
In the end, I went with both.
Ohhhhh yeah.
Perfect post-run snack.
Now it’s time to make dinner (Italian… Pizza… do you think we have no respect?) and get ready for the most anticipated season premiere of the year…
GTL my friends, GTL.

4 thoughts on “Garmin the Game Changer

  1. Hahahahahahaha God, I love Jersey Shore! I just recently posed “Beat That Beat Up” on my facebook page. I actually like the song. I’m pathetic.
    The Garmin is SOOOO a game changer. I feel the same way- how did one survive without it?? It’s actually my husband’s, but I use it way more than he does.. haha. And girl, I swear we were separated at birth. I loveeee me some Puffins. PB and Banana? Helllllllllo. Killer combo. You rock my world.

    TGIF! 🙂

  2. Ha! …. I don’t know how anyone runs in this city, I would run into people all the time. I felt like it was hard enough getting to a good pace while WALKING, I couldn’t imagine fining a pace running through all of this stuff. I’d do the AM for sure!!!

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