Lessons Learned

Hello, hello! Hope your Wednesday went great.

I learned a few things today:

  1. Black coffee after a 5 mile run and no food since the night before is a terrible idea and will make you dizzy while riding the bus to work.
  2. Trying to do too much will only frustrate and exhaust you (ie: Pilates at lunch for an hour after a morning run.) Not going to happen 2x/week. I’m training for a Marathon, and I plan to follow my training plan exactly… and fit in Pilates when I can… but the mileage comes first.
  3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is an even better topping on vanilla fro yo than graham cracker dust. Even better when both are together.
  4. I need to stretch more. Like every day. And get a tennis ball to roll out my feet.
  5. It’s day 3 of my training plan and I’m already starving. I mean I was before too, but it’s increased tenfold in the past 3 days.


“Lay off me, I’m STARVING!”
In extremely exciting news, I got a special delivery today….
Hello gorgeous.
My dad had ordered it for me after reading my blog post on Monday (THANK YOU DAD!!!) to help with my marathon training and I can’t thank him enough!
I can’t wait to use it tomorrow! But first…. I have to figure out how it works…
I’m off to relax with boyfriend (I’m exhausted) and update my playlists… hope you have a lovely night!
What are your favorite songs to run to?

6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. thats awesome!! can’t wait to hear how you like the garmin. so you drink black coffee? i attempted this morning (bc im trying to lay off the half and half) but it was brutal! couldn’t do it haha.

    anyway, i like listening to black eyed peas (reminds me of the chicago marathon, so good motivating), and weirdly enough metallica enter sandman…pumps me up! haha

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