You Have a Brownie? In A Bar?

Goooood Morning! 🙂

Hope your Tuesday is going well! Any extra rest I got by relaxing this weekend is no where to be seen. I hit snooze about 3 times this morning and still feel a bit like a zombie.

Cup o’ joe #2 is upon us. In a big way. My office has started to stock unsweetened Almond Milk in the fridges which greatly improves the quality and flavor of office brewed coffee. Thank goodness.

After inhaling the delicious Baked Chicken Tenders last night, I started this morning off with a tried-and-true breakfast staple.

Can you guess?

It just doesn't get old.

  • 1 C 1% Milk
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Frozen Blueberries
  • Scoop Vanilla Elite Whey Protein Powder
  • Handful of organic spinach


Fills me up all morning, and packs 3 servings of fruits (strawberries and blueberries) and veggies (organic spinach). I’m considering adding coffee to it tomorrow as an extra wake-the-heck-up sucker punch.


My Marathon Training Guide (guess who figured out how to use Google Docs??) has this on the agenda for today:

3 m run

I’m adding in 30 minutes of resistance training (today in the form of TRX) to get a well-rounded workout, and because it seems that Tues/Thurs are low mileage days for a while as far as running is concerned, I’m hoping to add in weights/resistance training on those days to stay strong.

(And because all of you who have commented have told me how much weights, conditioning and strength training helps with marathon training!) 🙂

I really like that the marathon training is starting off “slow” (relatively speaking!) and the first month and a half is all mileage I’ve seen before and am comfortable with.

Once that first 14-miler long run hits … you can bet I’ll be singing a different tune.

I was scrounging for a pre-workout snack to bring to work with me this morning and I discovered an all-natural protein bar sitting in the back of the pantry that, quite frankly, just blew Lara Bar out of the water. (I may not be a convert afterall!)

The Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar.

"When healthy, met brownie"

I’m not going to lie to you all and say it tastes exactly like a normal brownie but healthier. Because it doesn’t. You can’t achieve chocolatey, chewy, perfect brownie taste in a bar, it’s not possible.

That being said, this bar come darn close. It was delicious, didn’t taste fake or like it had a ton of crap in it, and the walnuts took it up a few notches. Even better? They sell them at Trader Joes!

CHOCOLATE BROWNIE PURE BAR INGREDIENTS: Organic dates, organic walnuts, organic agave nectar, organic almonds, organic cashews, organic brown rice protein, organic cocoa.

Certified organic, gluten-free, raw, and vegan.

Sign me up. I’m sold! 🙂


What’s your all-time favorite protein (or non protein) bar?

How do you psyche yourself up for the loooong marathon training runs?

Are you a bigger Blair or Serena fan?

I’m a HUGE Blair fan… I can’t deal with Serena’s wishy-washiness and the way she talks like she has rocks in her mouth.





11 thoughts on “You Have a Brownie? In A Bar?

  1. I really like lara bars and kind bars! I want to try this brownie bar though, looks fab!

    I find it hard to psych myself up for a long run, so I just go and tell myself I can always turn around early if I am not feeling it. Once I’m out there, I get into it!

    I have never seen gossip girl lol! BUT, I love Blake Lively’s style in real life!

  2. Looks like you’re doing Hal Higdon’s training plan! Nice! I love it and definitely find that building in yoga and cross training into my plan helps me stay on track (though I’ve totally been slacking on yoga lately…whoops!). Good luck in your training!

    I think I may have to pick up one of those bars when I go to TJ’s next!

    • Yes I am! I’m already thinking it’s going to bs tough to stick to pilates classes after I run in the mornings… Rest days and lower mileage days will end up being my yoga/pilates days I think!

      Def try those bars!!

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Good luck with your marathon training! Training for and running a full marathon is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done. It’s definitely something to be proud of. I think you just have to picture that moment when you cross the finish line every time you lace up your shoes to go for a run. That’s what got me out the door. And of course the idea that I could eat WHATEVER I wanted after running 20+ miles! Yes, I would like fries with that!

  4. Mmm you should def add coffee or espresso to your smoothie… I’m obsessed! And I really like those Pure bars! I think Lara or Think Thin are my favorite but if I was ranking purely on taste, I’d go with Clif Kids Chocolate chip or a Clif Mojo bar… yum. I’m right there with you about Serena, she just drives me crazy. But I love Blair!! I can’t wait for the new season!

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