What Did I Get Myself Into?

A big, big, BIG decision has been made.

One that will take over my life for the next 18 weeks.

Close, but no cigar.

18 weeks? Try 18 years. Although I would be over-the-moon if this little guy took up residence in our apartment πŸ™‚

They entry fee has been paid. I’m in.

I’m excited. I’m anxious. I can’t wait to start. I’m nervous. I’m terrified.

What did I get myself into?

Promising this is not helping. Pressure is now steadily building.

Allow me to backtrack. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve run 3 half-marathons, with #4 coming up in November. Which was a big enough decision in and of itself.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my good friend Lexi, who has run several more than that as well as a couple of marathons and I got to chatting about races.

“Should we train and run CIM in December?”, she asked. “It’s flat.” (as San Francisco runners, this makes for one heck of a compelling argument.)

“Why not? I’m in if you are.”

“Let’s just do it. We can reward ourselves with shoes and a spa day after the race.”

“Say no more, where do I sign up?”

The rest is now, history. πŸ™‚ An idea born on a booze cruise has become reality.

I decided to just do it because of a few reasons:

  • I’m in the best running shape at the start of a training program that I’ve ever been in (this time last year I had never done a training run >6 miles, now a 6 mile run is a standard workout run)
  • I’ve finally learned how to eat smart, clean, and healthy
  • I’ve finally incorporated conditioning and toning into my workouts
  • A marathon is on my bucket list
  • Few things offer fantastic motivation like a good friend demanding you get up, put your shoes on and run
  • Why not?

Time to suck it up and and start training.

The Marathon is exactly 18 weeks from today, and wouldn’t you know it… the training plan I’m (loosely) going off of… is Hal Higdon’s 18-week to Marathon plan. (I say loosely because I’m adding in Pilates/Yoga and TRX for strength/conditioning… I’ll lose my mind if running is my only form of exercise for 18 weeks)

Next purchase? (Still determined to find a cheaper price for it!)

The Garmin Forerunner 205 (because I don’t really need/care for the heart rate monitor on the 305).

I definitely plan on doing weekly Marathon Training plan updates… and wouldn’t you know the weekend I’m supposed to run 12 miles for a “long run” is the weekend of the 1/2 I signed up for. Fate I tell ya.

Here we go!

Have you ever run a marathon? If not, do you plan to? If so, tell me the first thought that pops into mind about it, training, etc. What’s your best advice for first time marathoners?

Do you incorporate strength training/conditioning/toning into training plans?

Do you run with a Garmin?


8 thoughts on “What Did I Get Myself Into?

  1. Just saw your tweet that your dad bought the forerunner for yoU!! Super awesome!! You will love it! When I wrote that I wanted one.. my boyfriend ordered to and it showed up at my door!! Yay for men that buy us things!

  2. That’s so awesome!! Good for you!
    I just signed up for my first half marathon (Rock n Roll in San Jose) for October and am considering signing up for a full marathon (Rock n Roll in Las Vegas in December).
    You give me an inspiration since it sounds like we’re both in the same boat in terms of “readiness.”
    Good luck with the training. I’m looking forward to your updates!

  3. THAT’S AWESOME!!!!!!! i have never run a full marathon, but i have done 5 halves and am currently training for 2 more! i should be receiving my garmin in a couple weeks, so i will begin to train for that. when i started strength training, my half marathon times increased dramatically! best of luck (like you’ll need it! psh!) and i can’t wait to read about your progress!!!

    • Thank you! 5 halves down and 2 to go? That’s AWESOME! Did you end up going for the 305? My dad emailed me right after I posted this saying the 205 would be his gift to me for the marathon – I can’t WAIT! You’ll rock your halves! I’m so nervous for all this training!

  4. you can totally do it!! i did my first marathon without ever doing a race so i was basically going from zero to 100. people say this all the time but its true, if i can do it, you can do it. youve trained for half marathons so you can definitely do a full. just take it one week at a time. oh and use a foam roll after your runs πŸ™‚

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