Training Time!

Hello Hello! Depending on your time zone, Monday is either close to being over, or over!


Day 1 of Marathon training is officially underway.

My training plan is now officially on the fridge at home, and hung up in my cube at work.

Daunting doesn’t even begin to cover it.

This week at least, I can handle. Nothing I haven’t seen before.

It was really important to me when deciding to register/train for this marathon that I keep up with my twice-weekly Pilates classes and weights/TRX (using my own body weight as resistance). I’m finding that those classes are already helping my runs – my legs and core feel stronger and it helps to make running a bit easier.

Which is something I’m always ok with! 🙂


Nike Frees are ready to rock


Planning Out My Training:

  • On Cross-Train days (Mondays), I’m planning on either taking a spinning class or hopping on the elliptical (both 45 minutes in duration) to give my legs a break from running. (Which after the long runs on Sundays I’m sure I will be more than ready for)
  • Fridays are designated are “Rest” days, however upon doing some research have found it’s perfectly fine to take a yoga class – something non-impact. I’m sure after running 5x/week I’ll be more than ready for some stretchy yoga on Fridays! (And by stretchy yoga, I mean probably just sleeping on my mat)
  • I’m thinking I want to get as many weekday runs that are 5+ miles out of the way in the mornings as it gets pretty windy after work and I know my motivation to run 5-9 miles post work will be slim to none. (Yes I realize the problem this poses as I’m incapable of getting up before 6:30am. And even that is pushing it for me.)
  • Along the same thoughts, I’m definitely doing my long runs each week first thing in the morning. (I’d wait until the evening to do some of them for the last 1/2 I trained for and they definitely weren’t my finest runs!)  (Really who wants to miss E!’s Sunday Night Line-Up to go run 14 miles?)


And that Garmin Forerunner 205 I was lusting over in this morning’s post? (No I never thought I’d be lusting after a massive watch like that either)

Well within minutes of posting, I had an e-mail from my Dad letting me know it was his marathon training gift to me and it was on its way…. I can’t thank you enough Dad!! 🙂  I know it will definitely come in handy!

Time to finish up the day and get in my cross training! Hope your Monday went well!

What’s your best marathon (or training in general) tip?


6 thoughts on “Training Time!

  1. I <3s my Garmin. It's the best, I never have to click my routes out anymore.

    The best training tip I ever received was not to undervalue resistance training. I think that has been one of the key factors in keeping me healthy and uninjured for so long!

    I'm looking forward to the training posts. 🙂

  2. Looks like a great training plan! Like you, I HAVE to run in the morning. Afternoon/evening runs just don’t happen. Plus, there’s nothing like a healthy does of endorphins to kick the day off to a perky start!

    I completely agree with Sarah–strength train, strength train, strength train! When I was preparing for my first half marathon, I completely disregarded the weight room and ended up injuring myself (the race sadly never happened). I definitely learned my lesson, and am now looking forward to running a half next fall!

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