Movie Night!

Is it really Sunday night already?

Our weekend was spent… totally relaxing.

It was glorious. Every now and again it’s nice to just do nothing on a weekend and recharge the batteries.

Last night we stayed in with our Kona Longboard Lagers and had a movie night!

On the agenda?

First Up:



It was excellent. Perfect role for Matthew McConaughey as the tough, take-no-BS lawyer and Ryan Phillipe was his usual spoiled rich kid but still totally creepy self (a la Sebastian in Cruel Intentions). I did not see the twist coming, (as an avid Law and Order SVU viewer I was certain I’d be able to point it out a mile away) and it was suspenseful up until the closing credits.

Definitely worth watching!

Next Up?

Rather than drop another $5.99 to Comcast (they take enough of our money every month) we went to the Netflix Instant Queue and decided on… Reindeer Games.

Who doesn’t love a little vintage Charlize and Affleck?


Great movie! (But a little violent. Not Quentin Tarantino violent, but I definitely cringed a few times!) Once again, I did not see the twist coming. The twist could have punched me in the face and I still wouldn’t have seen it coming! I actually don’t think I took a breath for a good 15 minutes, it was getting that suspenseful. Definitely a great movie! (Aside from Gary Sinise’s hair style… I’m sorry but it doesn’t make you hardcore, it makes you look like a bum.)


What’s the last movie you rented or saw? 

Do you buy “on-demand” or stick with Netflix?

We usually stick with Netflix but decided last night we reallly wanted this new release so we bit the bullet! Next time, we’ll just order it via Netflix DVDs.


4 thoughts on “Movie Night!

  1. I am on the fence about Netflix now…. The whole price increase that is coming up is going to bum me out, I don’t think I watch $18 (or was it $16) a month worth of movies…. I wondered how the Lincoln Lawyer would be! Sounds like a winner…. Rio comes out on Tuesday and I’m dying to see it, I’m thinking I’ll make the hubby watch it with me and buy it…. I’m such a kid at heart! 🙂

    • I know what you mean (I pay $14/month for 2 dvds at a time and instant streaming so the increase wasn’t that bad for me) but when comcast charges $5.99 a movie, I figure Netflix is a better deal! We use the instant queue almost daily!

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