Post Workout… Cookies?

Ahhh it’s here. FINALLY.


Since I took it easy yesterday I was raring to go this afternoon. I was able to leave work a little early (with manager’s approval of course – ahhh the joys of the last day of the month in a sales job) and since it’s been ridiculously windy in the afternoons, I really wasn’t feeling an outdoor run and having to deal with all that resistance.

Add to that we have a special visitor for the weekend so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do a longer(ish) run tomorrow so I decided to buck up and just get it done on the dreadmill so I wouldn’t have to think about it all weekend.

After all I had my Kindle and the demise of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s marriage to get me through – they wouldn’t let me down. (Seriously, is anyone actually surprised this didn’t last?)

Thanks for the magazine Mom!

I completed 6 miles in about 54 minutes then cooled down for a half mile before doing some ab exercises and stretching.

I came home starving and after about 1/2 a jar of peanut butter and an apple, obviously had to make a couple batches of Tina’s Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies!





You can see my modifications here (and only because it’s what I had in the house!)

They’re just that good. And easy. You literally throw all the ingredients into a bowl and mix it together. That’s it.

I probably ate the equivalent of ~5 cookies while making the batter… and didn’t feel the least bit guilty – no eggs = no salmonella!

I made them about half the size this time… for the sole reason that there would be more cookies that way.

I need to direct my undivided attention to the Giants vs Reds game (it’s the top of the 9th and the Giants just came back to tie it up 3-3) so I’m off to watch that, and try not to eat the entire batch of cookies before boyfriend gets home from the gym (sharing is caring).

Helloooooo relaxing Friday night! After our whirlwind weekend last week, this is well-needed! 🙂

What’s your post workout snack?

I usually go for chocolate milk or an apple/toast with peanut/almond butter!


One thought on “Post Workout… Cookies?

  1. I’m totally not surprised that the JLo-Marc Anthony marriage went kaput. She’s so much hotter than he is (who doesn’t have a girl crush on her?)…I bet there’s major jealousy going on there.

    Anywaaaays…yay for Friday! I hear ya about wanting to get your long run over with for the weekend. I did an intense workout today, so tomorrow is going to be easy peasy. And woah those cookies sound good! My favorite post-workout snacks are banana, peanut butter and cottage cheese or Greek yogurt and pineapple (if I can get it!). But sometimes I really feel like ice cream and I roll with it. 🙂

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