Foodie Friday- Primo Patio Cafe

Hope your Friday is going well!

For lunch, I met boyfriend and we ate outside by the water and relaxed… and it was beyond nice!

We went to Primo Patio Cafe to get our orders to go and I was beyond excited. Boyfriend had been talking this place up so I couldn’t wait to finally try it! The place was packed but we miraculously got our food extremely fast!


Don't let the exterior fool you, this place is fantastic

The "primo patio"

Our orders? Pita pockets stuffed with grilled lamb and veggies (mine were sans veggies, I have issues with cooking veggies which we’ll get into at a later date).  And seasoned fries of course!

As we all know I’m the no-condiment queen so I opted against the yogurt sauce served with the pitas, but boyfriend took full advantage and loved it!

The lamb pitas and fries were more than enough for me… and I even left a couple fries I was so full. This never happens – maybe once in a blue moon. About as often as when Gaga dresses like a “normal” human being.

We got our food to go and walked a few blocks down to the ballpark to eat by the water and bask in the sun.


It was SO nice, and quite honestly I didn’t want the lunch hour to end! I would definitely go back to Primo Patio Cafe… and hopefully soon!

Only a couple more hours until the weekend officially begins!



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