Peanut Butter Breakfast

While visions of cookie dough rolls danced in my head, I slept like a solid rock last night.

Which didn’t make getting up to my alarm (I hit snooze 3 times) any easier this morning!

What did brighten my 60 degree, foggy, cloudy, and slightly misty (really SF? really?) morning?

Oats In A Jar

Step 1: Eat a jar of Peanut Butter (over time… or all at once. There are no judgements here).

Step 2: Save said empty jar of PB.

Step 3: Cook oats like you normally would (we used SteelCut oats and made a huge batch, the long and slow way (boiling/simmering for 25 minutes) and added some brown sugar, honey and a bit of butter to flavor.

Step 4: Put oats in empty PB jar – let sit overnight in refrigerator (I waited for them to cool down since I have an intense phobia to putting hot things in plastic… (all kinds of thoughts of it melting the plastic and me eating it happen)

Step 5: Top with fruit and/or granola, etc(I topped mine with a Banana) and enjoy!

Step 6: Scrape the PB jar clean until nothing remains. (Optional step that I obviously took full advantage of. The picture below is before I really got creative in getting every single morsel of PB out of that darn jar. Multiple utensils were involved.)


A (free!) sugar-free vanilla (1 pump) nonfat latte from Peet’s went alongside the oats.


Somehow my mom gets hooked up with these little beauties every time she goes into Peets… and then passes them on to her loving, living-on-a-budget daughter. Thanks Mom! 🙂


Now that all of that caffeine and peanut butter has been consumed, it’s time to get some work done!

Hope you have a great Wednesday! (We’re half-way there!) 🙂


9 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Breakfast

  1. I was hitting snooze continuously this morning too… which means that the bun on top of my head is clearly making an appearance! And oh I have a pb jar that is nearing the end! Do these plump up like overnight oats do even though they are steel cut?

    • Not really on the plumping up… But very tasty nonetheless! Ive totally been blowdrying at night and bodyshowering in the morning to salvage my hair! I swear sleeping on it is helping the frizz!

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  2. yum looks great! i love steel cut oats but stopped making them bc they take so long to make. maybe ill start again..they’re so good!

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