Something New

Woo hoo! Monday is just about O-V-E-R!

Hope your day’s been going well. After I drank enough coffee to fill a small children’s pool, the day started to pick up.

It’s been much, much better than the day Kristin Cavallari had yesterday, that’s for sure. (But seriously, are we even surprised?)


On my lunch hour, I headed to the gym for my beloved Pilates Class.

And today, everything just clicked.

The past 5 weeks of 10 pilates classes somehow came together… and today, my abs decided to work.

Gone were the classes that I grimaced and made severely unattractive faces trying to “roll up” from lying down.


The key is to not use your arms to propel you... not an easy feat!


Gone were the weeks of trying…. and failing to get through 10 reps of teaser.

I was thrilled!

No, I didn’t see (or feel!) results right away, and I easily could have been put off by that, and stopped attending the classes. But by sticking with it for 5+ weeks (and keeping up other aspects of my fitness), I saw and felt a noticable change today.

When you start a new fitness routine, or a new class, or even start training for a race and after a couple of classes or training runs, don’t see or feel a difference it’s too easy to get discouraged and want to just throw in the towel.

But give whatever you’re doing at least a month (it takes ~21 days to form a habit) and I bet you’ll be surprised (and gleefully happy!) the day it all finally clicks. Not only that, but it makes you want to continue your newfound “habit” (fitness routine) even more once you start seeing positive results!


Doesn't this look like they're enjoying themselves? (Yes I will take any excuse for a puppy picture.)


Some ways to beat those discouraging feelings when you start something new?

  • Focus on the little things. Is there a single move you’re doing today that’s easier than it was last week? Do your legs feel better after 2 miles than they did on your last run? Take the small victories and run with it. Progress is progress.
  • Give it 1 month- and stick to it. Whether its training for a race, taking a new class, etc. Tell yourself you’ll commit to something 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks and re-evaluate at the end. Once you start seeing/feeling results, it’s all the motivation you’ll need to stick to it.
  • Do it with a friend. Having someone else holding you accountable to attend that class or complete those runs can sometimes make all the difference in the world. Not only are you getting in some serious bonding time, you’re accomplishing the goal you set out to accomplish.
  • Make sure it’s something you enjoy doing. Yes, that Body Sculpt class I took a few weeks ago was hard, and I enjoyed it at the time… but I didn’t enjoy the choreographed moves, and staying in sync at all times. When I thought about going back a 2nd time, I realized I was dreading it. It’s not for me. Give me a TRX class, a spinning class, or Pilates – something I enjoy and I can be good at to keep me coming back.


With that, I’m off to complete something not-so-new… HIIT Intervals. See ya later tonight 🙂

What do you do to beat the new-workout blues?

What’s the last thing you tried and stuck with? What’s the last thing you tried and decided it wasn’t for you?


5 thoughts on “Something New

  1. I get a boost of confidence from the sister, that always works! 🙂
    An actual plan is the last thing I’ve done, ususally I just go with the flow as long as I’m moving, but now I’ve adopted a plan…. still trying to stick with it…
    Way to get after it and noticing a change is AWESOME! Go you!

  2. I love pilates too! I agree that to see results and to get stronger, you have to stick with it! And that’s much easier when it’s something you enjoy. Congrats on getting to that point. 🙂 The last thing I tried for fun was Zumba and I couldn’t take it seriously enough to stick with it..

  3. i keep trying yoga but it never really sticks. ill continue to try it though because it does feel good….i guess i just like more high impact stuff? but i definitely dont think yoga should be ignored since i am not flexible at all!!

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