Perfect Saturday.

The bar has been set so very high high.

I just got home from the most fun, wonderful and perfectly planned out Bridal Shower, and I can’t say enough about it!

From the venue, Piazza D’Angelo, a delicious restaurant in Mill Valley to the beautiful set-up, to the amazing guests, my good friend Kendall’s bridal shower was a blast.



Beautiful set-up


The food was delicious – I’d never been to this restaurant (and had always wanted to try it!) and I fully plan on returning now to try out the rest of the menu!


I'll take one of each please


I’ve had a couple of close friends get married, but since they lived across the country, I wasn’t able to be at all of the pre-wedding festivities and I was so happy to be able to attend my first Bridal Shower… so much fun!

We started with a delicious salad of mixed greens, leeks, fresh parmigianna, white beans and walnuts.


So delicious. I’m not usually that big on beans and I found myself making sure I had one in every bite!

For my entree I went with the Grilled Wild Salmon with a mango salsa and steamed Kale – the salmon was beyond fresh and  had I not been at a nice function, my plate would have been licked clean!


Then came a game right up my alley – a Famous Celebrity Couples Quiz!

Since I spend obscene and unnatural amounts of time reading celebrity gossip, I figured I had this game.

A for Effort?

Not to toot my own horn, but beep beep.

Rest assured that all those hours spent reading Us Weekly, and Perez Hilton have not been in vain.

I’d say I put up a pretty good fight – 11 out of 16 answered right.

(And in my defense I’ve never even seen an episode of the Cosby Show!)

But you bet I knew my Elizabeth Taylor!

Don't mess with my Flintstone knowledge!

As the bride-to-be opened gifts, the delicious cupcakes (homemade by a fellow shower attendee!) were brought out.

Let me tell you they did not disappoint! Homemade frosting with homemade funfetti cake.

If there weren’t more ridiculous amounts of baked goods in my future today I would have gone back for 5ths.

Upon leaving, we were each given our choice of a red or white mini bottle of Kendall Jackson wine to take with us, along with one of the beautiful centerpieces. Since we all know I’m a fresh flower fiend, I was beyond excited about

Such a great touch, I loved it!

Hope you had a wonderful shower Kendall – I had so much fun and can’t wait for your big day!

The lovely bride-to-be!


Now if you’ll excuse me… I have exactly 22 minutes to get ready for tonight’s festivities that involve some of this:

and even more of these:

Have a great Saturday night! 🙂


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