Gonna Make You a Pizza You Can’t Refuse

What a week and I can say with conviction – Thank GOD It’s Friday! 🙂

My weekend started off with a trip to the gym. I love working out on Friday afternoons – the gym is empty, and it gives me a much-needed energy boost for Friday night activities!

On the agenda today?

  • 3-Mile Run

Felt like I was running for maybe 10 minutes tops.

I definitely utilized my new toy on my run today and ohmygod.

I may have found a way to make dreadmill running enjoyable. It honestly felt like 5 minutes. Had it not been Friday afternoon, I think I could have run for another hour, no joke. (And this is someone who hates the dreadmill with every inch of her being).

Like long lost best friends

On my way home, I stopped off to pick up a few goodies for some upcoming festivities this weekend – we have a jam-packed weekend coming up and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

Dinner was one of my absolute favorites – Homemade Pizza!

  • TJ’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
  • BBQ Sauce
  • The last of the Beer Butt Chicken
  • Baby arugula
  • Mozzarella
  • Chopped red onion
  • Pesto brushed over the crust

On the side? A new (and very tasty) find!

If you don't have an aerator, I highly, highly recommend!

We picked up this Francis Ford Coppola Director’s Cut 2008 Zinfandel at BevMo this afternoon and it is SO tasty! If you’re a Zin (or red!) fan – definitely worth trying! (And an aerator is always a good idea with red wine – I refuse to pour a glass without it!)

We use the Vinturi aerator (they make them for both red/white) and it’s a great way to open up the wine immediately so you get a better flavor when you drink it.

It’s time to dig into our latest creation, enjoy said wine, relax and watch the Giants game before we’re off to do some birthday celebrating with friends later tonight!

Have a great Friday evening!


Are you a wine fan?

Red or White?

If not, what’s your favorite beverage? (Alcoholic or non!)



4 thoughts on “Gonna Make You a Pizza You Can’t Refuse

  1. Ohhh wine, it makes me go weak at the knees. Maybe and exaggeration but I really do love the stuff! I haven’t opened a bottle in weeks, maybe tonight this will change. That is a VERY long time for this girl!
    I am a fan of both, more red so than white though. A good red wine on a night in is one of my favorite things!

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