Wine Is the Answer. What Was the Question?

Happy Sunday!

Is it just me or did this weekend seriously fly by?

I also just noticed our Rosemary plant is completely dead. Apparently we are not plant people.

Last night we went to a birthday party for a friend in Sausalito at one of the best wine bars I’ve ever been to.

(For those of you not from SF to get to Sausalito, driving across the GG Bridge is in order and its just on the other side. The weather is also infinitely better over there!)

Gorgeous Sausalito

Our destination was a new-to-me place called Wellington’s Wine BarΒ and it did not disappoint!

It was situated right on the water, was big, open and airy with a looooong menu of wines by the 1/2 glass, glass, 1/2 bottle and bottle.

They also had an extensive imported beer list (and beer by the 750mL bottle!) as well as gourmet paninis, cheese and meat boards and homemade hummus combinations.

The inside bar area

...and the back patio on the water

I have a few criteria when judging bars… and Wellington’s hit them all right on the head.

  • Ample space – I hate when you can’t move in a bar, or when people are bumping into you, spilling on you, or you get that awkward butt-to-butt moment with no where to go. No I don’t want to be touching you all night, I don’t know you.
  • Easy to get to the bar and get a drink – nothing worse the having to throw up some elbows just to get to the bar
  • Friendly bartenders – I hate having to get bartenders attention – hate. No I don’t have cleavage so even if I wanted to… not an option here.
  • Clean Bathrooms – as a germophobe, this killsΒ me in bars. Wellington’s had high standards πŸ™‚
  • Seating! What girl wants to stand all night in her heels? There were plenty of tables available.
  • Food! Because sometimes, one needs a meat and cheese board to go with their vino πŸ™‚
We ordered a bottle of the house red which was a bottle of Zestos 2007 Tempranillo/Garnacha. Red wine from Madrid with a bright cheery fruit with a dry finish.


The bottle was $24, so we deemed it well priced (honestly it was the cheapest on the menu – the bottles were pricey!), and for a wine we don’t typically go for, both boyfriend and I really enjoyed it!
It went down really smooth, was very light, and perfectly tasty. A great red for summertime! (Or really, anytime – it’s wine people.)
We obviously needed to inhale as much cheese, crackers and meat as we could. (The one downside to Wellington’s I will say is the 4 slices of meat they gave us to our 3 blocks of cheese).
Safe to say, we devoured it
We will definitely be repeat customers! If you’re in SF (or Marin), definitely check it out for a glass (or bottle) of vino!
After Wellington’s we went out for a couple more drinks with some friends (alternating with water – evidently what they’ve been telling us for years actually works in preventing hangovers) and now it’s time for a proper weekend breakfast and the Women’s Wold Cup Finals!
I grew up playing competitive soccer, and when they played (and won!) in 1999 I was gluedΒ to the TV, and even recorded the Penalty Kick’s on a VHS tape. Just one more thing you cared to know about me, right? πŸ˜‰
With all Japan’s been through this year you can’t root against them… so I’m just rooting harder for the USA! πŸ™‚
Have a great Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Wine Is the Answer. What Was the Question?

  1. horizons is an amazing restaurant over there, sooooo yummy and a view of tthe city !!! that bar sounds fab!

  2. Looks like a great night!! I really enjoy wine and wine bars more and more! And cheese plates πŸ˜‰ good job with the water too! Always appreciated in the morning!

  3. ya, i have a black thumb when it comes y kind of plantlife. great to see u guys had a fun night out and i hope the rest of ur sunday finished off fabulous too! ya, these past two days fllleeeeew by! πŸ™‚

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