Extra Inning Sunday

How exciting was the Women’s World Cup Final?

Even though we lost (heart-breaker), the game was SO exciting up until the very end. (A far cry from the men’s final last summer… during which I fell asleep no less than 3 times).

I was jumping up and down. I was screaming. I moved from the couch to the floor to finally just standing up yelling at the TV.

I thought we had it. When Abby Wambach scored the goal in extra time, I thought it was over.

Then Japan came back again.

Then the PK’s happen (which we don’t need to talk about because I’ve already blocked it from memory.)

If the US couldn’t win… well quite frankly I’m glad it was Japan. They needed something to cheer about after the year they’ve had.

Overall, they both played an amazing game, that was a nail-biter until the very end. As a soccer fan, you can’t ask for anything more. There’s always 2015!

Pre-PK's... the only part of the game I choose to remember.


The rest of the day was spent lounging around, watching the Giants game (at least one of the teams I was rooting for today won in extra time innings!)

Evidently, you can wake up without any semblance of a hangover from the night before and then get hit with a headache around 4pm. I snoozed on the couch for a little and woke up feeling much better and ready to ht Trader Joe’s for our weekly shopping trip.

Even with the small amount of drinks I had last night (and the excessive water consumption) it seems my body is a little ticked off at me for dehydrating it and not giving it a solid night’s sleep (just think of me as a 5-year old that requires at least 8 hours a night.)

Elixir of the GODS

After a coconut water (I’m addicted and obsessed with the Zico Tao Mango flavor), I was back to my old self. I had already planned to take today as a rest day from working out, so even though I knew that sweating would have been key this morning, I knew my legs needed a rest and I stuck to it. I haven’t had any shin or knee pain since my run yesterday and I’m hoping to keep it that way!

Some new finds at TJ’s?

  • Organic wine no added sulfites (we were intrigued and had to get a bottle to try next weekend!)
  • Smoked Sea Salt
The sea salt (yes I already tried some) is seriously smoky… any ideas or favorite recipes involving smoked sea salt?
We are eating a verrrrrry late dinner tonight but I am SO excited for it!
Here’s a hint…  I refused to touch it until it was fully cooked. 🙂
Hope you had a great end to your weekend!

6 thoughts on “Extra Inning Sunday

  1. Kristine! I apologize for being such a bad commenter of late! I have been meaning to jump over here sooner. I’m sorry!

    The World Cup made me proud to be an American!

    So coconut water reallly can make you bounce back like that?! I have yet to try it!

    • Hi! Noo worries! I was SO excited watching the game… I forget how much I love soccer!

      And YES! Coconut water works miracles… If I drink it at night before I go to sleep I swear I wake up (and stay that way!) totally fine. As soon as we hit the grocery store I practically inhaled a bottle! A B12 supplement before bed helps too! (who am I and how do I know this?) 😉

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. The World Cup final was such a nail biter!! I missed most of the game because I was standing in hour-long security lines at the airport (boo!), but once I was through I sprinted to the closest sports bar and caught the very end. I recorded the game, so I’ll watch it in its entirety once I’m home…Or maybe I won’t…I’m thinking it might be too painful! Actually, I’m happy for Japan as well…sort of 😉

    Smoked sea salt sounds amazing…I would try it on something that might typically taste good with bacon…maybe sprinkled on roasted brussels sprouts?

    Happy Monday! Next time I’m in SF, we *have* to meet for a cup of coffee at Philz! 🙂

    • I feel like if we had to lose, I’m ok losing to Japan!

      I’m totally going to try it on Brussel sprouts at some point- that’s perfect!

      YES coffee at philz next time you’re here! Until then mahalo and aloha! (the only words I know)

      Sent from my iPhone

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