Run, Eat, Relax

Goood Morning!

Hope your weekend has started out well!

This morning we slept in until around 9:30 (I think I probably could have slept until noon), and then got a start on our day.

The Agenda?

Boyfriend was heading out for a 35-mile bike ride with the guys, and I was off on a 6-mile run before meeting one of my girlfriends for brunch!

I was a little hesitant at first – my legs felt pretty tired after spin and yoga yesterday (I swear it seemed like a good idea at the time), so I took it a little slower, and just focused on the run at hand… while definitely being mindful of my knees and shins. I hadn’t run since last Saturday as a little present to my shins, and I was a little anxious about how they would feel running 6 miles on pavement.

The Good

I completed my usual 6-mile loop at just around my usual pace (slightly slower) with no shin or knee pain!

Yes I consider Huey Lewis running music

The Bad

I saw about 17 Yellow, Chocolate and Black Labs and Golden Retrievers and it only made me want a dog that much more. A dog-friendly apartment is in our (not very near) future!

The Ugly

Almost getting taken out by no less than 10-bikers too busy looking at their maps than at the people coming at them. Competing in an obstacle course mixed up my run a bit at least! 😉


I’ve realized I post about my weekend runs and my favorite loop (which coincidentally is also included in the US 1/2 Marathon I’m running in November so really rather than being a creature of habit, I’m just pre-training!) so I figured I’d let you in on why I love this run so much:

Gorgeous Bay Views

Beautiful Bridge Views (more often than not it's completely obscured by fog)

Flat terrain (in a city of hills, when you find it, you stick to it!)

Seal and surfer spotting!

Ready to book your ticket to SF and come run with me now? 🙂


After my run I was more than ready for some food. Honestly the main thought in my mind the entire time I was running was what I was going to order. The eggs vs oats debate played out for a good 2 miles. We don’t call it Running on Hungry over here for nothing!

I met up with Lauren and headed to La Boulange – which you may remember I visited for the first time with my mom a few weeks back. They have a few in SF and it seemed like the perfect choice.

And the perfect choice it was.

I went with the Organic Oats made with 1% organic milk, flax seeds, and fresh fruit with a side of brown sugar,

Creamy, sweet, oat-y perfection.

I scraped the bowl clean.

I obviously washed it down with….

A latte the size of my head.

Recycled photo... but you get the idea

As fate (what? it was a sign) would have it, on our walk back, we passed Lululemon.

I had read an article yesterday on how gyms/studios don’t usually wash their yoga mats and that they are basically really, really germy. (I know my gym is cleaner than most and I’ve seen them spray down the mats with a disinfectant, but that is the last thing I want to worry about!) An article I completely forgot about until I saw the full-size skidless yoga towels on sale for $29. (They’re normally $65!)

Do you find it ironic I’m watching Confessions of a Shopaholic right now?

Skidless and a "clean layer between you and your mat"

I can’t wait to test it out at yoga this week!

Off to relax on this foggy Saturday afternoon!

Do you bring your own towel/mat to yoga? If it’s between eggs and oats for breakfast, what do you usually go for?

I used to bring my own mat everywhere but now that I go to yoga straight from work (and have to bus to/from with a work bag and gym bag), bringing my own mat became less of a priority. I’ve been bringing a Manduka hand towel I got in a gift bag (the same amazing bag that housed the Whole Foods giftcard!) for my face, hands while doing the poses, but I think with a full size towel I’ll slip less, and it will ease my mind about germs!


12 thoughts on “Run, Eat, Relax

  1. I always bring my own yoga mat – I get so grossed out thinking about all the sweaty germs on the mat that I can’t focus on my breathing and get all zen like during my yoga practice.

  2. Your loop is really beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

    I definitely go for both eggs and oatmeal most mornings 🙂 I love them both and I find that just oatmeal alone doesn’t keep me full as long as adding an egg. But just eggs is never enough!

  3. that breakfast looks so perfect.

    i bring my own yoga mat usually..sometimes i forget though. lately ive been eating eggs over oats..i kind of go through phases

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