The Epitome of Lunch

There’s just something about a sandwich.(Or sando as I annoyingly refer to them.)

Any kind really.

They’re just so good and scream lunchtime to me.

Since I’ve dropped the ball on bringing my lunches this week (I’ve already swore up and down to myself that next week will not be a repeat) I went over to my favorite lunchspot in in the Financial District.


I’m not joking when I say I used to eat there 5x/week alternating between the sandwich bar, the salad bar and the hot bar.

In an effort to save money (and after a freak-food poisoning attack from a restaurant in early February – not Focaccia, the place it happened from I will never, ever return to) I stopped spending upwards of $40 a week at Focaccia.

Today I just couldn’t stay away.

I was craving a hot, melted-cheese sandwich.

I navigated through the crowds (regardless of if you go at 11am, 2pm, or anytime in between it’s crowded. And it’s worth it), waiting behind 27 people in line and ordered one of my favorite sandwiches of all time.

  • 1/2 Wheat Focaccia Roll
  • Over Roasted Turkey
  • Smoked Gouda Cheese (all cheeses should be smoked in my opinion!)
  • Balsamic Vinegar on the bread

Grilled in the oven

  • Mixed Greens

Utter perfection.

Everything is always so fresh, they have tons of sandwich (and salad!) toppings, and I have never not been completely satisfied with my meal there. They also have huge, gooey chocolate chip cookies and the best breakfast sandwich in the Financial District (and I stand by it).

Note: I’m still convinced the best breakfast sandwiches ever come from our kitchen, so notice the Financial District boundary there.

On the side my daily bag of BBQ Pop Chips was also consumed… but I’m sure you knew that already. 😉

If you ever need a quick, delicious sandwich, salad or hot meal, check this place out… it’s definitely a favorite of most people so be prepared for a wait… but I promise it’ll be worth it! 🙂

What’s YOUR favorite type of sandwich?

I love anyyy sandwich with pesto, and more recently balsamic! Prosciutto, mozzarella, pesto, red onion and balsamic cannot be beat in my opinion. But a PB&J or chicken/pesto/cheese panini comes pretty darn close!


22 thoughts on “The Epitome of Lunch

  1. When I lived in Providence, I worked in the Italian section, Federal Hill. Think the North End or Little Italy, but with WAY more mobsters. Seriously. Our mayor went to prison for racketeering.

    The upside was that I worked across the street from a tiny Italian deli that made the BEST caprese sandwiches in the world. And yes, I did study in Italy. On the crunchy roll for me, although most people seem to like the soft roll. The bread was handmade, by them, in their kitchen and you just know that they’re working from a mother dough that someone smuggled from the homeland. The downside- the sandwich was $8. In 2008. But its still the best sandwich ever!

    • Oh my goodness I love how you started this comment… you are cracking me up.

      Ahhh Italian deli’s are the BEST! I would hands down pay $8 for dough smuggled from the motherland and made with Italian love!

      PS- my mom was talking about a Boston trip this summer.. if so we HAVE to meet up!

  2. my favorite is turkey and avocado or turkey and cranberry. when i wanna be bad chicken salad is my favorite…yum. have you been to Sweet Affair bakery ? they have the best sandwiches ever. they just opened one in danville right by petes and yogurt shack where the old quiznos was. you HAVE to go. they used to have one in alamo plaza but it closed.

  3. My favorite sandwich is pretty much anything with turkey on it. We don’t have any fancy sandwich shops near my facility so I just bring my own TBA (turkey, bacon, avocado) in. I really want to bake some more ciabatta and use that instead of English muffins. 🙂

  4. OK, we have so much in common that it’s scary sometimes! I absolutely adore Focaccia! I used to work super close to there and would go there ALL the time! It was my favorite place ever. Their salads were amazing and the hot food bar was incredible. But here’s my real favorite- have you ever gone to the grill portion next door? Omg it’s the best kept secret. You can order any type of meat and they prepare it however you want it, then you get to pick 2 sides. I think it’s like $9 too and you watch it all happening in front of you- plus the servings are huge and it could def be 2 meals.

    As for my favorite sandwich, I’m with you (big surprise there!) and love anything with pesto, cheese and turkey or chicken. There’s actually this place in Danville that has my absolute favorite one! 🙂

      • Domenico’s! I am obsessed with the cafe side and ALWAYS order the Pollo e Pesto “Roasted chicken breast and Italian fontina cheese with pesto sauce, roasted tomatoes and pine nuts on sliced multi-grain bread.” Hands down best sandwich ever and the best pesto I’ve ever had!

        PS There is also a Sweet Affair in Walnut Creek!

      • yummy that pesto one sounds soooo good, i must try it! thanks for the suggestion. I love domenicos too! yea i have been to the wc one a few times but i live in san ramon so my butt is usually to lazy to drive all the way there haha. so happy its back in danville.

      • I neeed to try Sweet Affair, I haven’t been in Danville or WC! I’ve actually never gone to the grill part of it! I’m such a creature of habit I always stuck to the cafe side! But now I’m thinking I seriously MUST go! I’m still dying over the fact that you love Domenicos!

  5. Mmm nothing beats a hot panini, oozing with melted cheese and pesto! Add sun-dried tomatoes, chicken and artichokes and I’ve died and gone to heaven. 🙂 My options are pretty limited when I’m out and about (there aren’t many sandwich shops that offer GF bread), so I have to make such deliciousness happen in my own kitchen. If I want a cold sandwich, guacamole and hummus are MUSTS. Or peanut butter + honey + banana. 🙂

  6. I just thought of how good of sandwiches the have in Tucson and I am craving beyond bread and bison wiches soooooo bad!!!

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