Winner Winner Steak Dinner!

Happy Wednesday! We’re finally half-way through the work week… and I couldn’t be happier!

Unfortunately I’m currently dealing with this today:

No your eyes are not fooling you. This is SF in mid-July.

What you can’t see is that the fog is so thick it’s practically raining. And that people are wearing tights, boots, pea coats, and sweaters today. Something I just can’t bring myself to do in July.

No sir, the winter clothes are packed up… I don’t spend money on summer-y clothes for my health San Francisco!

My curly hair is also feeling a bit confused since it thought we were in the clear to flat-iron/straighten every day without risk of unknown frizz-attack. Luckily I fully embrace the ballerina bun.

I'll let you in on a secret - my hair has looked like this all week (add in headband due to my growing-the-bangs-out awkward phase)


Dinner last night was a smashing success (and then I went into full food coma so the post had to wait until this morning!)

Since we had a Whole Foods gift card during our grocery run this week… we went a little nuts with the food selection and picked up a pound or so of delicious looking lean Flank Steak.

Boyfriend whipped up a marinade that we then let the steak sit in for about an hour or so while we watched the end of the All-Star game (which the NL won… yessss!)

The marinade consisted of:

  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Himalayan Sea Salt (found at TJ’s, not in Nepal)
  • Lemon Pepper

He cooked it on a skillet until it was about medium and the Balsamic formed a delicious glaze.

In the meantime I was busy prepping one of our sides- rather than creamed spinach to go with our steakhouse dinner modified the greens to be a little healthier… in the form of Baked Kale Chips!

Devoured in .5 seconds

On the other side went a healthier version of steakhouse mac and cheese… Annie’s Organics Whole Wheat White Cheddar Shells!

Much lighter than normal mac and cheese - a must-buy!

And then it was time to dig in!

Hands down the best steak I’ve ever had. The Balsamic made it so flavorful and formed a glaze on the edges that melted in your mouth.

I filled up pretty fast and honestly found myself wishing I could fit more in my stomach it was that good.

Boyfriend and I both agreed this steak recipe will definitely be making a repeat appearance in our household… maybe even in tacos? With eggs? The possibilities are endless!

Thankfully, I brought my leftovers for lunch… and am salivating just thinking about it.

How do you battle rainy, frizzy-hair weather? Do you eat red meat? What’s your favorite way to cook it?

My go to is usually a bun on top of my head with a headband in the rain/gross weather. Even when I wear my hair curly it’s still a losing battle. I eat red meat but not all that often – my initial reaction is chicken or fish. But every now and again steak is just so tasty! I love just a simple marinade and cooking it over a skillet.


7 thoughts on “Winner Winner Steak Dinner!

  1. I was one of those people wearing tights yesterday but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it again! So I’m rocking bare legs but do have a coat to keep me semi-warm. And omg the ballerina bun is my best friend. I’m so glad that it’s relatively stylish now because I rock it at least once a week. My hair is naturally curly too but I straighten it daily so this weather is not a good combination for it! I hate spending time on it just to have it curl/frizz up!

    I do eat red meat, just very seldom! But occasionally I will get a craving for it and then I love to have a good steak. Your boyfriend’s marinade sounds awesome though! I might try it on chicken!

  2. Mmmmmm! Steak! That steak (and meal) looks delicious! I love a good steak every once in awhile. I try to eat red meat only once a week or every other week. I was actually a vegetarian for two years, but since I thought being a “vegetarian” gave me the right to eat as many Krispy Kreme doughnuts as I want, I gained 20 lbs. I went back to eating meat and eat a lot healthier than I used to.

    I’ve been totally bun crazy too this week! It’s just been so much easier as straightening takes forever and this week has been busy.

    I thought about you today (and not in a creepy way lol), I went to TJ’s and saw the dark chocolate pretzel thins and remembered you raving about them. I picked up two bags and practically ate an entire bag on my way back to work! Thanks for the suggestion!

    • I love it! I’m totally out and have been craving them this week! I need to puck up multiple bags ASAP!

      I love the bun look! So easy! Esp when it’s foggy or humid… Straightened curly hair doesn’t stand a chance!

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  3. Kristine ! I just clicked through the other day from FB, and have totally been enjoying reaeding your posts. I totally needed some workout motivation and you have helped provide it. 🙂 That dinner looks delish ! Hope all is well with you

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