To Run? Or Not To Run?

I am SO happy.

Over the moon, kid-in-a-candy-store, Christmas morning when you’re 5 years old happy.


(First let’s keep in mind I work in an office building in a cubicle for the better part of a day and it’s the little things that count here.)

The reason would…. Pilates.

After the worst-pilates-class-in-history on Monday (slight exaggeration) the regular (my most favorite) instructor was there today, and I was so thankful and happy she was teaching that I was actually bummed out when it was over. (Normally I’m the one sneaking peeks at the clock every 7 minutes wondering when I can get out of there.)

Leave it to Caroline and I to be posing for opposite cameras

I wanted to hug her for making my core, legs, arms and booty burn until I physically couldn’t lift myself off the mat. For doing the exercises with us and counting us down. For cracking jokes and making me so happy that I came even though I knew it would mean a gym shower after.

I came back to work with a spring in my step (I know, I know) and literally can’t wait until the next class.

(You can judge me for the amount of time it takes you to finish reading this sentence.)

Glad you got that out of your system.


So a while back (beginning of 2008 to be exact) I made a goal to myself that as long as I was able (injury-free, healthy, etc) I would run one 1/2-Marathon a year, making sure they were different races each year.

So far, so good.

2008 – San Francisco 1/2 Marathon

2009- Santa Cruz 1/2 Marathon

2010 – Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon (PR of 2:12)

2011- US Half Marathon?

Last year, after the Nike Women’s 1/2 (or as I like to refer to itΒ  – running up hill for 13.1 miles) I told myself I was done with distance running. I had trained for 2+ mos, did all of my training runs, came to dread running and see it as an obligation rather than something I enjoy, and I can still remember how I felt that last mile… just willing it to be over.

And just like that, the running bug is back… in a big way.



I’m considering this race (ok strongly considering it) because of a few things:

  1. It’s along my most favorite running path in San Francisco
  2. I know how to train smarter (hello weights and cross-training!)
  3. You run across the Golden Gate Bridge which quickly wipes out ~4 miles of the race
  4. It has minimal (for SF races) hills
  5. I know the route (I used to train on this course for the Nike Womens 1/2 last year) and I always like to know how much longer I have to run
  6. It’s a race in my city, that I don’t have to travel for πŸ™‚
  7. I think it would be a lot of fun and really hold me accountable to track my training via the blog (and get lots of advice, comments, commiserate with you all!)

This is how happy I was to be done my last 1/2 marathon (no I’m sure the foil blanket was not necessary but it made me feel like a real runner so I went with it:

Cheek-to-cheek GRIN people

I’ll spare you the pictures of my first two half-marathons that I did not train for whatsoever and therefore looked miserable the entire time. You’re welcome.

I’m hoping to make a decision by the end of the week on whether or not to commit to it and then find a training program that works for me (running, weights, cross training, yoga, etc).

I also really want to get my “gait” checked out this weekend at a running store so that I can get a pair of shoes that will work for my flat, over-pronated feet and minimize my shin/knee pain. I love my Nike Frees and will never give up on them… but for training I’m realizing they may not be the best idea!


Have you ever done a 1/2 marathon (or more?) What training plan did you use? How did you avoid injury? Did you ever tell yourself that was it after you finished?



9 thoughts on “To Run? Or Not To Run?

  1. i did the US half in april, and it was great! such a gorgeous run! the november run is the same course… go for it!!! I am registered to run the SF Half in 2 weeks, but had toe surgery last week for an infected toe and at this point cannot walk.. we’ll see if i make it to the starting line on July 31!

  2. So Happy you got your pilates fix!! And proud of you for setting another 1/2 marathon goal πŸ™‚ Ive trained lots of runners for 1/2, fulls, and ultras. Let me know if you need training ideas or just want to mix it up with some new moves!!

  3. I think that running will always be something you hate but also be something you love. Its just that way. That smile on your face after your last one says it all though…you are so proud of yourself and feel like you really accomplished something! That feeling becomes so addicting that its hard to not sign up for another one..I actually start training for one in a few weeks and have to keep reminding myself why I do these things haha. Keep to your goal– you will be so glad you did πŸ™‚ Good luck!!

    • I totally agree! Running that distance isn’t supposed to be a walk in the park right? I have plans to train a bit smarter this time so I don’t burn myself out, and I really want to run a <1:50 1/2! Good luck with your training! I can't wait to follow along! πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve done two half marathons (ok, really one as I walked mostly for the second one). After the first one (the running one) I said I was done. I was ready for it to be over and felt like crap, despite my months of training. But I think it must be like what people say about childbirth, you slowly forget how awful it was and you remember it in a fonder way or think next time will be different. I followed the training plan by John Bingham in the back of the book Marathoning for Mortals. I’m considering doing a local half marathon in September this time and not following the training plan. Like you, I felt so obligated to it. It sucked the joy completely out. I love getting out to run now and just go as far (or short) as I want. I figure as long as there’s a day a week I push that 5 mile run into an 8-11 mile run, I’ll be ok and still be able to maintain my love for running. I was too much of a perfectionist the first time.

    Knock on wood, I haven’t had any running injuries (except losing about 5-6 toenails due to the way I run). I went to a really good local running store and the owner was SO helpful. Measured my foot, watched me run barefoot on a treadmill, and he let me use the shoes for 30 days and if I didn’t like them to bring them back. Even better, the shoes were only $5 more than the cheapest place I could find them online.

    Good luck with your strong consideration! πŸ˜‰

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