Workout Redemption

Guess who sucked up her pride and lack of rhythm and attended a group fitness class this afternoon?

This girl.

Every week while waiting for TRX to start, there’s been a class going on beforehand that intrigued me.

I noticed a plethora of equipment was involved:

This would be my nemesis to my very uncoordinated self


"Light weights" suddenly didn't seem so light!


The "heavy weights" may as well have been 100lbs each

Since my curiosity got the best of me, I decided to try it out today in lieu of TRX. The instructor was the same, and I really like his teaching style and his energy and the class was 55 minutes rather than 30… I figured I could handle it.

I barely handled it. BodySculpt owned me.

It started off with a quick cardio warm-up, that I quickly proceeded in screwing up rhythm-wise and was about 3.5 seconds behind everyone else in our little sequence. An awkward start to say the least.

Thinking it was now time for me to show these people how it was done, the leg and arm portion of the afternoon started.

I was sweaty, red-faced, sweat literally dripping off me (hope you’re done eating that lunch of yours!) and barely able to lift the “heavy weights” over my head by the end 15 minutes in.

Kicked. My. Booty.

And I loved it. Totally made me (almost) forget about yesterday’s terrible class.

No wonder that class is packed to the brim every week! I’m already sore (we’re at T-minus 3 hours since the class began) so I can only imagine what tomorrow morning is going to be like.

I’ve never taken a BodyPump class (though I’ve heard about them via other blogs) but I imagine this class was similar – minus the barbell perhaps?

There was plenty of lunging, squatting, leg lifts, dead lifts, biceps, triceps, deltoids, shoulders, back, booty and abs… varying between heavy weights (two 8-lbs weights for legs) and lighter weights (I used two 5-lbs weights for everything else). I highly recommend it for a toning/cardio one-two punch!

By the end of the class I was ready for a serious nap. Instead I got the next best thing.

A gym shower!


Does anyone else ever feel that even though you showered at the gym after a workout you still aren’t as clean as you would be having used your own shower? I always take another shower before I go to bed!.

On the upside the showers do have this amazing teak flooring that my feet are rather enjoying! (In their flip-flops… I refuse to walk around the locker room barefoot!)

Name your all time favorite fitness class…. GO! πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Workout Redemption

  1. not to only make the gym shower scenario worse, but gyms are one of the germiest places around! but it’s kind of like u have not think about it after a certain point or u’ll never enter the locker room! lol…ya, double showers at night are a good thing!

    i’ve never tried the bodypump class either and hear nearly everyone else talking about it, but it sounds like the class u took is similar, and sounds like it was a kickbutt workout! good job.

    i’m not gonna lie, i’m lame and have yet to try many classes, so i guess i’ll have to say my fav class would be pilates with an AMAZING instructor friend of mine and then rocking the treadmill. πŸ˜‰

    • OMG tell me about it! I try to touch as little as possible in there! I always, always shower the second I get home if I workout at lunch… otherwise I would feel so grimy!

      I usually neverrr take classes but I felt like my muscles were getting too used to just running and nothing else so I needed to mix it up a bit with classes. I am loving Pilates!!

  2. Hey! Just found your blog & I love it! πŸ™‚

    It’s hard to break me away from my beloved treadmill, but I love the occasional spinning class! It seriously kicks my butt every time, and I walk out feeling like running a half marathon is easier than the 50 minutes spent spinning!

  3. Oh that body pump class sounds great!! What an amazing workout and I’m sure it would totally kick my butt too! And if I had to pick one, I think Dance Works is my current fave! So fun and I totally forget that I’m working out!

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