Whole Paycheck Sunday

Gooood morning! It’s a beautiful day in SF!

This morning got off to a slower start than usual, which I will 100% blame on the fact that we were out until 2am last night.

Yes, Grandma over here did not fall into her usual 12am coma and stayed out until last call.

We had some friends over, had some drinks and then walked down the street to the bars. (Ahhh city living).

Our friend brought over a bottle of champagne (which the ladies stuck too while the guys preferred beer and scotch) and gave me this little fun fact:

Putting the long end of a spoon in an open champagne bottle in the fridge keeps the carbonation intact even when it’s been opened! Either I’m really, really in the dark on this, or this is the best piece of information I’ve ever received.

By the time we got to the bar I was already a couple of glasses of wine deep, so I alternated water and a couple more drinks before weΒ the bar forced us all to head home.

Oddly enough, I actually woke up this morning feeling pretty normal!


I had already planned to take today as my rest day from working out, so boyfriend and I decided to run some errands, and do a deep clean of the apartment before relaxing for the afternoon.

We have a special guest joining us for dinner tonight! πŸ™‚

I had a $50 Whole Foods Gift Card from the Seren-i-tea Event I attended last month as a VIP guest of my friend Caroline and because of it… we got a little liberal once inside Whole Paycheck. Nevermind the fact that $50 there gets you about a banana and a half.

Some goodies we picked up?

Skirt Steaks

Ground Lamb (hello lamb burgers!)

Lots of fresh herbs

Artichoke hearts

Both will be making an appearance in tonight's dinner πŸ˜‰

Fresh flowers

2 bundles for $10!

Pizza Dough

Hemp Protein Bagels

Obviously had one with scrambled eggs already - like sourdough sprouted whole-wheat. And 19g of protein!

Crab Meat

Sun-dried tomato chicken sausages

Frozen fruit (there’s 4 bags in there – and they will last us until Friday at best)

Justin’s Maple Almond butter (yes I stocked up for the week)

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips (2 bags for $4 currently!)

What you can't see if that I had already inhaled 1/2 the bag pre-picture.

I’m off to try to put a dent in my 2.5 foot tall stack of magazines before our special guest arrives!

Hope your Sunday is going great! πŸ™‚

What are things you splurge on when grocery shopping with a gift card or some additional cash?

We usually stick to chicken and fish and beef for our proteins, but today we decided steaks and lamb just had to make an appearance. If we had a gift card quite a bit larger I think we could have filled out cart with all of the delicious meats they had!


10 thoughts on “Whole Paycheck Sunday

  1. Ohh yay for the $50 gift card!! And I went to WF yesterday too! Those hemp bagels look really good! I’m going to have to try them! And I too stocked up on berries and finally got myself some xanthem gum so my smoothie bowls can be a little thicker! Hello, summer dinner!

    • Totally try them! They tasted like sourdough sprouted wheat bread and kept me full all day. I need to get some xanthem gum… but for some reason it totally scares me! (The name maybe?) Where did you find it at WF?

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