6-Mile Saturday

Happy Weekend!

Hope yours started off on the right foot!

We slept in until around 9 and while boyfriend had a conference call to get some work done, I took off on a nice long (for me!)  run.

I went back and forth about whether I should run, or walk or just go to the gym and elliptical, but in the end, the run won out. I’m very happy to say I have no knee or shin pain! 🙂

I woke up seriously sore from yoga yesterday (legs, booty and arms!) so I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from this run.

It went as planned – good run, but I was more than ready to be done when it ended!

Here are the stats (crazy they look identical to last Saturday’s run! When I find something that works, I go with it):

The weather was perfect for a run – foggy, cloudy, low 60’s with a cool ocean breeze. Definitely a welcome change from the 80 degree heat of last weekend… for running purposes only.

Now I’m more than ready for the sun to show it’s face. Anyyyytime now.


I decided to end my run with a latte at Starbucks. The line was no joke 14 people long but I toughed it out. I wanted that latte.

Michelle had let me know that in my usual Skinny Vanilla Latte (Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup and Nonfat milk – rather than the tongue twister, I just stick with the Starbucks lingo of “skinny”) they put 5 pumps of syrup in!

No thank you.

I specified just one pump of the syrup and it tasted perfect – a latte with just a hint of vanilla flavor. So much better! Definitely recommend doing that if you still want the coffee flavor with just a hint of something else.

Not quite with the "Christine" but close enough!

I rounded off the post-run re-fueling with a banana and my newest Kind Bar obsession – Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew.

I have a weird affinity for all things vanilla flavored. I can’t get enough.

Easily my favorite flavor to date


Now we’re off to run some errands and get some supplies to get some projects going around here… one of them involves shoe storage and organization for certain someone who’s shoes are taking over the apartment.

Trust me I know. I tried to tell him it’s not necessary to have that many pairs, but he just says he needs them. 😉

Between heels, flats, sandals, wedges, you name it, I need a better way of keeping them all in check! We have big building plans for my beloved shoe collection today!

Hope you have a great Saturday!


Have you ever built any thing around the house? Storage, or otherwise? What was it and how did it go?



6 thoughts on “6-Mile Saturday

  1. I’m on a break from painting my bedroom and removing wallpaper…. Your shoe comment made me laugh! Last weekend, I put on a pair of red high heels and blubbered over how adorable they were to my husband. His reply “Don’t you already have a pair JUST like that?! (long pause)….No, wait. You have THREE pairs JUST like that.” Okay, so maybe I did, now I have four! HA!

  2. I went on a crazy summer cleaning binge last night…once my boyfriend arrived, he was like uh-oh, this looks serious. HA. I kind of just want to relax tonight but looks like we’ll be out and about per usual.

    • We did that yesterday afternoon! It was exhausting! I totally could have gone for a relaxing Saturday night but we went out after a night-in on Friday… it was definitely worth it, but there’s something so relaxing about a night in!

  3. Lately I’m addicted to the skinny caramel macchiato. Even better on a hot day is the mocha light frappachino. LOVE.

    I’ve simplified my shoe collection a lot lately. Mainly because my artist’s budget only allows for the purchase of three or four pairs a year (I still consider the Franco sartos I bought in November to be new), but I do not skimp on shoe storage. I’m a bit of an organization freak. My BFF was in from tx this week and was going through my close and freaking out because all my shows are in their individual container store clear shoeboxes, labelled, and organized by color. And I was like, but they’re my shoes!

    I’ve just moved house and studio, so I’ve had a million DIY projects lately, but I’m most excited about the curtain room divide I put in my loft last weekend – my last project to finish off the new place (for now!) and a very cute guy a lowes helped me pick out all the components.


    Ps please mind the iPhone autocorrect.

    • Mmmm why are coffee drinks SO delicious?!

      Your closet sounds like my dream! In a bigger apartment, I’m organizing the crap out of the closet, all cabinets, drawers, etc!

      Would love to see pics of your loft and studio! I loooove the look and feel of lofts – so urban but so cozy at the same time. If there is exposed brick I’m packing up and moving to Mass right this instant!

      I hope you got said guy’s number to help you install all the components? 😉

      XOXO hope all is well!

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