Pozzarella Cheese Sauce!

I’m currently laying down on the couch, watching the Giants post-game press conference (they lost to the Mets… NY Fans refrain from gloating… or actually don’t because I would totally do the same thing!) and enjoying every minute of my low-key Friday night.

I’ve been exhausted all week and its so nice to relax tonight with Boyfriend without having to think about waking up in the wee hours (yes to me the 6:00am hour is wee!) of the morning tomorrow.


After I left work, I headed to the gym. I knew I didn’t just want to do cardio and since I had missed one of my mat pilates classes on Monday due to the 4th, I wanted to get some more toning and strength work in.

Enter Power Vinyasa Yoga!

About a year or so ago (maybe a bit more) I was a yoga addict. I went 4x a week to a studio, took Power Vinyasa classes and got seriously burned out on all things yoga. I know my workout style and preferences and it needs to include a lot of variety. Mixing it up every day works for me.

I started out with 15 minutes on the elliptical to warm-up (Level 10 resistance, 20 incline) before heading into yoga at 4:30.

Not only was the room at least 80 degrees upon walking in, but my body was warm from the cardio and I proceeded to sweat my face off. I must have gone through 3 towels. (If this is TMI I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere the more you sweat the more in shape you are, so I’m just going to go ahead and believe that!)

The class was awesome, it was the stretching, toning and hip-opening exercises I needed (a must after the cardio I’d been doing all week!)

I definitely missed yoga, but I don’t think I’ll be committing to 4x a week… once a week I can do!


For dinner, boyfriend and I got to work in the kitchen – and the teamwork was unparalleled. The timing was perfect!

We made a delicious mix using TJ’s Garlic Herb Chicken Sausages and TJ’s Spinach Ricotta Ravioli with a homemade healthified cheese sauce.

I bring to you Skillet Garlic Herb Sausages and Ravioli with Pozzarella Cheese Sauce! (A marriage of parmesan and mozzarella).

I literally licked my plate clean.

Pozzarella Cheese Sauce

2 Cups Milk

1.5 cups of your favorite cheese

1/4 c flour

1/4 c butter

1/2 T Nutmeg

Lemon Pepper

Sea Salt

We ball-parked the measurements but first we melted the butter in a saucepan and slowly stirred in the flour. Next pour the milk into the pan while stirring the mixture continuously. From there we stirred in the  nutmeg (gives it such a great flavor!), lemon pepper and sea-salt and then we stirred in the cheese and added some milk as we stirred to thin out the sauce. We kept stirring continuously to make sure it didn’t clump or burn and it turned out amazing. We also have a ton leftover for this weekend!

Once everything was cooked we layered spinach on top of the Ravioli then covered it with the cheese sauce. A sliced apple was also inhaled on the side.


The key to cooking the sausages is to first cut small slits in them and then cook them on the stove-top, in a skillet, and in a small amount of water, with a lid on the skillet. That allows them to retain the juicy moisture. (that’s twice that word has popped up in 60+ posts and I am equally as uncomfortable typing “moist” as I am actually saying it!)

Perfect dinner for a Friday night! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pozzarella Cheese Sauce!

    • We pretty much just eye-ball it, but they get extremely juicy and a nice brown glaze on them and you can tell they’re ready to devour! We put them in the skillet, add some water to the pan, and then cover it turning the sausages every 5-6 minutes or so. The sausages get a lot plumper (that’s what she said?) and you can definitely tell! I will say I had a lot of error batches before my boyfriend perfected it!

      • hahaha!!! yea usually Shah has hot italian sausages that he cooks but I just bought some chicken apple ones and since Im not working I wanted to cook some for lunch but he always puts canola oil so I wanted a healthier way so just water is much better to me!!! thanks for the tip!!!

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