Foodie Friday – Power Source Cafe

It’s become apparent to me that I live in a city with endless food options. I decided an easy to branch out was  to start a blog series – Foodie Friday!

Check back every Friday look for a review on a restaurant/cafe in SF 🙂

I’ve seriously been slacking on bringing my lunch this week, and today was no exception.

Rather than hit up Fuel Cafe for another of my most favorite wraps in the entire world, I went for something new.

My friend Carrie recommended Power Source Cafe and after a quick look at the menu online, I was sold!

For all you Kombucha lovers (not I!) it's on tap!

Even better? I could place my order online and then just take a short walk to pick it up!

A great idea when you arrive at the restaurant and the line looks like this:

Line out the door is usually a good sign!

I went with the Organic Apple Walnut Salad – which had organic crisp slices of apple w/ walnuts and feta cheese on a bed of spring mix w/ balsamic vinaigrette. For an extra boost of protein I added Wild Alaskan Hot Smoked Salmon.

I say Hot Smoked because until recently I thought I hated Smoked Salmon. Turns out, I just wasn’t a fan of Cold Smoked Salmon, or Lox.

When boyfriend and I were in the Midwest over the holidays last year his uncle hot smoked salmon using a variety of different wood chips and I became addicted.

The difference?

Cold Smoked is salmon which has been left raw and preferably cured for about 24 hours and smoked without heat, hence cold smoked. Hot Smoked salmon needs about 2 hours of cure and is cooked in the smoking process. This leads to marked differences in taste and texture.

Thank you Salmon Man 🙂

This hot smoked salmon, was amazing.

I rounded out the salad with a bag of Sweet Potato Chips, which I devoured within 2.5 minutes of being back at my desk.

SO good. I’ve been starving today, so I dug right in!

Overall I really liked Power Source – the food was fresh, organic, filling, and the portions are HUGE! Had it not been for my ravenous appetite today, I could have easily saved 1/2 the salad for lunch tomorrow.

But when the stomach rumbles… I fill it!

The prices were reasonable for what the food was ($8.50 for the salad) and the fact that it was downtown SF and I would definitely go back – their smoothies and breakfasts look amazing, and I really liked that they used all organic ingredients.

Only a couple more hours until the weekend begins over here on the West Coast… can’t wait! 🙂

Stay tuned tonight for the first installment of “Friday Finds”!

Intrigued enough to check back?


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