PB For Dinner

TGTO! (Thank God Thursdays Over!) Yes I fully accept and realize just how big of a nerd I really am.

Work has been ridiculously busy this week – and here I thought everyone would be on vacation making the summer months unbearable slow for me. I work in sales so the summer months tend to slow down as people are on vacation, home with kids, etc

Not so much.

Why are these so darn funny to me?

I’ve been trying to frontload my months as much as possible and get as much in as early as I can – so that when it does inevitable get slower, I’m covered. I finally looked up at the clock this afternoon and realized it was time to head home!

Not complaining one single bit about that.

Since I stayed at my parents house last night playing Bunco and getting laundry done, my dad offered to give me a ride home from work since I had all of the laundry with me. Best Dad Ever.

As a result of that I got home much earlier than I normally would while braving the horrors of the bus system, and was able to get to the gym before the post-work crowd hit.


After running far too much for my poor shins to handle last weekend and early this week, I’ve been sticking to cross-training the last day or so… and what do you know? No shin pain!

Yesterday after my lunchtime Pilates class I rode the stationary bike at my parents house (Level 10- Hill program) for 35 minutes, and completely forgot to blog about it once I smelled the food my mom had set up for Bunco.

You may call it terrible, I call it priorities. 😉

Today I was in the mood for a good sweatfest after my busy, busy day at work so I grabbed the newest issue of Fitness magazine and headed to the gym to complete 40 minutes on the Elliptical (Resistance 10, Incline 20). I was huffing and puffing and sweating away by the time I was done!

I then met up with my friend Lexi for a 5-mile walk and chit-chat to the bridge and back.

Or did we?

The fog was so thick you couldn’t even see the bridge until you were right up close. This wasn’t taken tonight and is recycled from a picture I took a while ago, since it was so windy and chilly that I refused to take my hands out of my fleece, but you get the idea!

We hit Hopper’s Hands, and tapped Hopper’s Paws and headed home.

No I've never seen a dog touch them, yes I will be SO excited when I do


After the gym I inhaled roughly 4 bowls of Joe’s Multigrain O’s and plenty of Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Seeds so I wasn’t all that hungry after our walk. Boyfriend had a late basketball game, so I prepared a little plate of sliced apples and this little packet of perfection.

...and I licked the package clean

That’s right. I ate a packet of Peanut Butter for dinner, and I don’t mind one bit.

Ahhh Justin’s. You get me every time. If you haven’t tried these nut butters please do so. The Maple Almond is by far my favorite, but the Honey Peanut Butter is a close second. Creamy and delicious.

(Please resist the urge for a “That’s What She Said…”) 😉 Or don’t.

I’m off to relax, watch the Giants game and work on a guest post I’m doing for one of my most favorite blogs! Details tomorrow!

Almost FRIDAY!

What’s your favorite “non-dinner” dinner?

I looove me some cereal, but since that was already down the hatch… I was really feeling the Peanut Butter tonight!


8 thoughts on “PB For Dinner

  1. I eat random stuff for dinner when life gets crazy. PB and crackers, a grapefruit, and… er…. last nights run in with an entire thin crust pizza. I made it myself. for myself. and then devoured it like a footbal player =) haha

  2. Omigosh- this week has been insane for me too! And I work in sales as well so usually the summers are low-key, but not this week! And I would LOVE to see a dog touch the paws! If I had a dog I would totally take a picture of him doing it! And oh man- I love those little packets too… Confession: Sometimes at work if I’m hungry and busy, I’ll just eat the almond butter straight out of the packet… weird? Yes. Delicious? YES!

    My favorite non-dinners have been known to include frozen yogurt, or hummus and crackers!

    • Ugh why is it so busy lately? Not complaining (for the most part) but I thought summers were supposed to be slow in sales?! I so want a dog!

      Ummm I will always eat the Almond Butter straight from the packet… it’s just too good!

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