Happy Thursday! Is it just me or has this “short” week felt really, really long?

At least it’s almost time for another weekend! 🙂

So last night my mom was hosting her group’s monthly BUNCO night and since they were down a person, asked me to sub so there would be an even 12 ladies. I couldn’t wait!

How it works:

There are 12 people, and 3 tables, each seating 4 people. Table 1 is known as the “head table”.

Each person has a score-card.

Your partner is the person sitting across from you. When the “Head Table” rings the bell you start rollin’ the dice!

The first round – you’re going for 1’s. You roll 3 dice. If a 1 pops up in that roll, you keep rolling, keeping track of your 1’s.

When you stop rolling 1’s, your turn is over and you and your partner tally-up how many 1’s you got.

If you roll 3 of any number it’s a “bunkette” and worth 5 tally marks. If you roll 3 of the number you’re playing for it’s a BUNCO and you get 21 tally marks! You want to make sure to keep track of your bunkettes throughout the night.

The game continues until someone at the head table gets “Bunco”, or 21 tally marks and they ring the bell signaling the end of the round. Whichever team is ahead at the table you’re at get’s the win – and “Winner’s Walk” or move to the next table. Losers stay, and switch spots. (In-between games is also when the snacking, re-filling of drinks happens!)

The game continues through 3 rounds of trying for all the numbers.

At the end there’s a prize for biggest loser, biggest winner, most Buncos, last Bunco and most Bunkettes.

Guess who won the $25 prize for most Bunkettes last night?

That’s right, moi.

This would be so fun for a monthly girls night – all you need are 3 tables, dice and plenty of booze and snacks. Everyone could bring an appetizer/dessert  and/or bottle of wine and you have a very entertaining night ahead of you!

I had a blast – I love hanging out with my mom and spending time with her and meeting all of her friends and chit-chatting away was so much fun. Some of the ladies I’ve known since I was younger, one brought her daughter I hadn’t seen since we used to swim together in high school, and some I was meeting for the first time. It was so much fun, I couldn’t believe that when Bunco ended it was nearing 11pm!

Luckily I caught the end of the Giants game… where they beat the Padres in extra innings with a walk-off homer! 🙂

I’ve already requested to be considered as a sub for future Buncos… I’m totally addicted to this 100% luck dice-rolling game.


I slept over at my parents house last night and came into SF this morning with my Dad, who also works in the city, so I got to work concocting a smoothie.

I decided on a Mocha Blueberry smoothie!

Into the mix:

  • 1 C NonFat Milk
  • Chocolate Protein Powder
  • Couple handfuls of frozen organic blueberries
  • 1/2 C Black coffee
My mom informed me that coffee helps to bring out chocolate’s natural flavor (a fact that as a chocolate lover I was severely embarrassed not to know)  and the smoothie was delicious! Coffee (or espresso powder?) will definitely be making an appearance in some upcoming smoothies!
Time to work! Have a great day!
Have you ever played Bunco before?  If not, what’s your favorite “game” to play?
It was my first Bunco experience, but aside from that I am a HUGE Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples fan! 

4 thoughts on “B-U-N-C-O

  1. Had so much fun with you at our bunco night! Thanks for playing.

    Hope u can play again sometime. I told you that you would be a winner, beginners luck!

  2. I have never played but your idea for a monthly girls night sounds like my kind of party, nothing too hight stakes and something to do other than watch a movies or something. Congrats on the winnings, I feel a ‘treat’ is in order with that money.
    AND thank you for that smoothie idea! Blueberry, chocolate, AND COFFEE!!! I knew that chocolate & coffee go together to enhance flavor but never thought of doing it smoothie style! SO SMART!

    • I agree, I think it would be so much fun! I think I “treated” myself with the excess Whole Foods purchases yesterday! Woops!

      Oh my goodness make that smoothie – it was SO good! I’m totally going for a coffee/fruit smoothie tomorrow morning!

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