Let Them Eat… Cake?

Gooood Morning and Happy Wednesday!

I woke up beyond sore today from TRX, and here I thought I was getting stronger! It didn’t feel as hard as it did last week, but apparently I am very, very wrong about that!

C’mon muscles, work with me here.


Breakfast this morning was unique, original and inspired.


It was the usual smoothie, an exact replica of yesterday. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

I just can’t mess with it. It’s filling, healthy, thirst quenching, filling – and I get 3+ servings of fruits and veggies!

A cup o’ joe was enjoyed (attitude problem free, thank you Keurig) as I prepped the smoothie.

As much as I love this big Anthropologie mug of mine. . . I have to admit I’m totally partial to the Reindeer mug!


On the bus this morning (scored a seat yet again! You have no idea how much this improves a morning!) I was scanning through news articles, and one in particular jumped out at me.

The headline read: “Calories, Not Protein or Carbs, Are Key to Weight Loss: Study”

Um, duh?

I hate when I read articles, stories, or hear conversations that include “no bread”, “carb-free”, “Atkins”, “I don’t eat nuts, nut butters, avocados because of how fattening they are”, “whole wheat bread is still bread”, and things like that.

Everyone is always looking for such a quick fix that I think people forget the very, very simple key to overall health and being fitdiet and exercise.

In recent years obesity has spun out of control to the point that little kids are now having to struggle with their weight. I think back to when my parents were young and when our weight wasn’t what we, as a country, were known for.

Back when our parents were our age, they didn’t use overly-processed foods and ingredients, and they didn’t cut out carbs because they thought by doing so they could lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks before a beach vacation.

They cooked real food with real ingredients (no fat-free anything!) and had dessert if they wanted to. They did everything in moderation and didn’t over-do it.

“The bottom-line is that the issue for weight loss is calories. Not where those calories come from. You need to create an energy deficit to lead to weight loss, and that happens by decreasing those calories. That’s just been shown again and again.” Source

I am in no way qualified to dispense advice on this topic, nor do I have the figure of a supermodel (far from it!). I am someone interested in health/nutrition/fitness and regularly prepare the majority of my own meals using real ingredients, and work out 6 days/week.

When I don’t work-out, or put excess processed, junk food into my body, I see a big difference in my mood, energy levels, and the way my clothes fit.

I prepare balanced meals – lean proteins, fruits/veggies, whole grain carbs, healthy fats and eat until my hunger is satisfied. If that includes going for 1/2 (or more!) the bread basket after a particularly grueling workout, so be it.

Calories are, after all – energy. I need energy to do my job, to complete my workouts, and to function in everyday life.

Of course there are occasions where I stuff myself to the brim – and I enjoy every second of it. I’m not going to deprive myself of a favorite meal, or on a holiday when cookies reign. I’ll try to workout before the meal and eat better in the days that follow but I’m not going to beat myself up over the fact that I went back for thirds on Thanksgiving or snuck a couple of extra cookies on Christmas.

To wrap things up – I don’t think the key to having the bod you want is cutting out entire food groups. They are there for a reason and provide us with benefits, nutrients, vitamins and minerals we can’t get from other foods.Β  (Food allergies and intolerances excluded – you know your body better than anyone else).

To achieve that beach-ready look – up your workouts, but fuel properly. Eat foods that give you energy not that weigh you down. Exercise for the endorphins and mental boost you get than refill your body with real, nutritious foods. Rather than reaching for the fat-free chocolate chip cookies, make some homemade ones with real ingredients and have 1 – no need to fill your body up with chemicals.


You didn’t think I was going to get all deep on you the entire time did you? πŸ˜‰

What’s your take on all the fad/crash diets? Have you tried them? What’s your stay fit/healthy strategy?

I definitely tried the “no carb” thing in college – and yes you lose weight just as they promised – but you’re miserable. I was irritable, I had no energy and contrary to what they say, I was STARVING. Once I figured out how to eat to fuel, not just to mindlessly eat, I started seeing results that I could keep up with. A crash diet seems to be just that – after a while you crash… and burn.


9 thoughts on “Let Them Eat… Cake?

  1. random question but I have a sorority sister coming in from out of town and I am meeting her for lunch on Friday, do you have any ideas about good lunch spots? I am taking bart in so somewhere I can walk to from bart. thanks girl!!!

  2. I’ve never been on a diet, I just don’t have that kind of mindset. I am weak. By choosing my own foods, I feel like I am in control! (me=control freak)…. I hate when I get the question now, “What diet are you on?!?!” Is eating healthy having to be on a diet? Eating good food makes me feel good, end of story…

  3. I can’t begin to tell you how much I LOVE love love this post!! I was having this *exact* conversation with a friend yesterday. She is cutting way back on carbs, and as a result, has lost quite a bit of weight. But it’s NOT the lack of carbs that are shedding the pounds, it’s the calories! It makes me really sad/angry when people shun a certain food group because they think that doing so will make them healthier. Carbs, fat and protein were all created for a reason–our body NEEDS them! We function best with balance!

    The Elle Woods clip makes me want to watch Legally Blonde right now! Love that movie! xoxoxo

    • I couldn’t agree more! It makes me so frustrated when my friends say they’re going “carb free” to get skinny. It’s like eat the carbs, cut your overall calories. You couldn’t pay me to give up any food group these days! Esp carbs! Haha

      I definitely watched that clip about 5 times and now I want to have a Legally Blonde marathon! πŸ™‚

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. I did low-carb/no carb before my wedding. Dumbest thing ever. I WAS super skinny – but at what cost?? Plus, it was kinda gross. I realize now I look much healthier and happy at a slightly higher weight. I really don’t know how those celebrities do it!!

    Everything in moderation is my motto πŸ™‚ It hasn’t let me down yet!

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