Did Someone Say Bunco??

Hello Hello!

Loved reading the comments/tweets about the post this morning. Seems like a lot of you are on the same page as far as indulging in moderation and eating foods that make you feel your best. I loved reading the responses!

Work was craaaaazy busy today so once again a lunchtime post did not happen.

What did happen? My favorite Mat Pilates class. My abs were worked like they’ve never been worked before.


The instructor (a tiny little Pilates ball of fire) was telling us a story about her 4th of July weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho and the importance of hydrating.

She went from the plane to happy hour where she had a few glasses of wine and then the next morning woke up, had a couple of cups of coffee and went right to the pool for a swim workout. She said she got about 25 yards when her entire body cramped up and charlie-horsed and she had to be pulled out of the pool by the lifeguard.

Red-faced she told us the town’s not that big, there’s only one pool, and pretty soon the entire town knew about her little mishap.

The moral of the story? Adjusting to different elevations/atmospheres and properly hydrating is KEY in these hot summer months!

A key idea that I clearly missed during both of my runs outside this weekend in the 80 degree heat!


More to come later tonight but for now I have this to attend to….


Did someone say Bunco?? Yes evidently I am now in my 40’s, and I can’t wait for this little dice game to begin.

From my Google-ing I’ve learned it’s 0% skill and 100% luck.

Bring it.


8 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Bunco??

  1. I spy La Crema wine! One of my favorites! I hope you enjoyed a glass for me! 😉 And those chocolate-covered strawberries!! Gaaah. 😀

    Your instructor’s Sun Valley story made me smile…Not because she had a near emergency (scary!) but because I absolutely love Sun Valley. It’s seriously one of the prettiest places in the U.S.! I’d like to be there (or San Francisco!) *right now*.

    Speaking of hydrating…I’ve been doing a little too much before bed. Ooops. Could be a long night! (TMI…sorry)

    • Looove La Crema! Good eye! 😉 I devoured about 7 of the strawberries before I had to physically leave the table they were that good!

      I’ve never been to Sun Valley but I’m dying to go- I’ve heard it’s gorgeous!

      Umm you and me both- I was downing water late night like it was my job!

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  2. Sounds like we had similar days- today was crazy at work! I think after the holiday we all were just swamped! And your teacher’s story is a good one to remember! I really tried to be mindful of that this past weekend in Dallas since I’m not used to the heat! And how fun that you do Bunko! I did it a few months ago and thought it was going to be boring but I ended up getting really into it and had a blast! I guess that competitive spirit came out 🙂 Hope you had a great night!

    • I was so not good about hydrating for runs this weekend! Not used to the heat anymore at all!

      My first time playing Bunco and I won most “bunkettes”! So much fun- my mom hosted it so I subbed for someone in her group. Would definitely be fun to do a group of people our age too!

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  3. I had no idea that hydrating varied from elevation to elevation…. till my honeymoon……
    The husband and I went to Colorado and were having the time of our lives! The wedding was just 4 days earlier, complete with a coffee drip the week of the wedding and wedding celebratory drinks. We got to higher elevation and my body shut. down…… Dehydrated, bladder infection that was so bad it turned into kidney infection…. Thought I was going to die!
    your night looks AWESOME!

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