Red, White and Bleu Cheeseburgers

If your middle name is Captain Obvious you may have guessed that our all-American meal was… red, white and bleu cheeseburgers!

For an appetizer I had some Dark Chocolate Covered pretzel Thins because I am obsessed with them and have zero self control around dark chocolate and anything that combines chocolate with salt.

And just chocolate in general.

I was trying to keep my heart healthy.

Boyfriend and I are both big meat-eaters, and we had some 96/4 ground chuck that needed to be made into something.

Enter Red, White and Bleu Cheeseburgers!

Since I was on laundry duty (and watching it like a hawk so no one took our clothes out and threw them on top of the washer negating washing them altogether) boyfriend was on dinner!

He started by rolling Goat Cheese (white) and Bleu Cheese (bleu… duh) into mini cheese balls. Yes I’m fully aware of where I’m going with the color theme, and I am a huge fan.

No the quality of these pictures is not lost on me… clearly my camera was having issues tonight.

Mixed in with the ground chuck (red) – necessary step since this super lean cut of beef doesn’t have as much flavor as fattier ones.

  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Himalayan Seat Salt
  • Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey BBQ Sauce

He then shaped the burgers around the cheese before forming them into patties.

From there, he cooked them on the skillet – about 8 minutes on each side until they were nice and brown and the cheese started oozing (that’s when you know it’s gonna be good!)

In another pan we had 2 eggs cooking sunny-side-up, and a pot of edamame beans.

Eggs on a burger adds a TON of extra protein and so much flavor.

Edamame provides soy protein, and a great healthy side

We stopped our burgers with spicy brown mustard, organic spinach and dug right in!

Red, White and Bleu Cheeseburgers! Delicious and nutritious meal… from fridge to plate in about 25 minutes total! The cheese was gooey, and perfectly melted – my kind of burger!

Boyfriend is a great cook.

And I am a fantastic dishwasher.

I’m not usually a huge bleu cheese fan but mixed with the goat cheese it was surprisingly mild.

The best part? Someone has a burger to take with her for lunch tomorrow. 🙂

Time to unplug, relax and watch the rest of Chopped with boyfriend. I love the snarky judges!

What’s your favorite fridge to plate in 30 minutes or less meal?


4 thoughts on “Red, White and Bleu Cheeseburgers

  1. I love making stuffed burgers! I made feta stuffed lamb burgers on homemade rosemary rolls this year for Greek Easter. yum!

    My favorite 30 minutes or less meal is taco salad. And that’s even with grinding up the chicken breasts for cooking.

  2. Ohh that sounds like such a fabulous dinner!! I’ve never stuffed cheese into burgers before but after seeing those pics I think I need to start! And side note- how gross is it when people take your stuff out of the laundry?! I just find it so frustrating!

    My favorite 30 min or less meal usually involves something partially pre-made from Trader Joes.. is that cheating?? But I love their quinoa, risotto or Asian chicken stir fry!

  3. Those burgers look so good! Thankfully in my relationship, I’m the cook, he’s the cleaner 🙂

    My favorite quick dinners are usually simple fish and veggies. Pretty easy, and pretty easy to clean up!

    And yes, chocolate + salt = the best.

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