Botched Bocce

Happy 4th of July! (If I could figure out how to do anything with the font size/color/etc you know I would).

Tech Savvy people…. help! 

Hope you have all been enjoying the long weekend filled with family, friends, food, warm weather, and dogs (that may not be a normal part of a long weekend, but for me it’s integral).

Since the weather in SF has been so unseasonably warm a group of us headed to Baker Beach yesterday. Baker Beach is usually freezing and windy but yesterday it was hot, with a light breeze and perfect. Baker Beach is on the actual ocean (whereas the beach we were at on Friday is part of the San Francisco Bay) and there’s just something about crashing waves that I can’t get enough of.

The sun was shining, the GG Bridge provided the perfect back-drop, and the place was PACKED with people.

We set up shop, drank some all-American Miller Lite beers, snacked, relaxed, and had the best Sunday.

There was also some bocce that almost ended in a severe injury to a young child… crisis averted.

We finished off the day with a couple of tacos (something about being at the beach all day… they just sounded amazing!) and watching movies at a friend’s house before heading home.

Taking a rest day from working out today – my shins were bothering me on my run yesterday, and I’m pretty convinced that when something hurts, we should take note and give it a rest!

Today we’re heading to a friend’s for brunch, going to the Giants game and then out for dinner and fireworks!

Have a wonderful 4th!

How are you spending your 4th today?


4 thoughts on “Botched Bocce

  1. Hahahahaha I need to know more about the bocce ball fiasco. This looks like the PERFECT day, especially ending with tacos! Amen, sister! And good for you for taking the day off and listening to your body. Hope the Giants kick ass for you! I’m watching the Jays hand it to the Red Sox! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a perfect all-American Sunday — love it!! And I totally wish I could join you at the Giants game today! So fun! That was one of my fave things to do in SF — go to Giants games! The stadium is GORGEOUS. I hope the awesome weather holds up and you have an amazing 4th! 🙂

  3. You are having one heck of a 4th of July and yesterday sounds like it was great! Bask in the glory of your four day weekend! 🙂 Giants game! Have fun!!!
    I am just relaxing because we have to leave for a doctors appointment sometime soon. booo, no fun travel for the 4th. (unless we decide to leave long before the sun comes up.)

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