Last Friday Night

Am I the only one that can’t stop listening to Katy Perry’s new song? It has that “it’s going to be beyond annoying in about a month but for now I love it” quality.

Happy Saturday everyone!

I awoke feeling a little…. parched.

To rewind, we started last night out with Happy Hour at Nick’s Crispy Tacos.

Nick’s is in Russian Hill on Polk Street and has delicious tacos (filled to the brim with all the fixins and made with high quality ingredients), and even better Happy Hour specials.

We had already eaten at home, but took full advantage of the drink menu.

$10 for a pitcher of Stella? 2-for-$5 Coronas?

Fill me up.

After sharing some pitchers with a group of friends we wandered to the next spot and there were a couple more drinks and a lot of this:


Probably the single greatest piece of entertainment you can have in a bar.

Trying not to distract boyfriend with my camera flash.

If the NBA ever wants a 5’4″ player to sign, I’m their girl.

My high score? 52, thank you very much.

It was a great night with a great group of friends – I love long weekends.


Fast forward to this morning and I awoke with a slight case of dry mouth and that tired feeling around my eyes – even after I made a point to drink 56 gallons of water when we got home last night.

In college, I could throw back drinks with the best of them and then wake up the next morning like it was no big deal – go to the gym, go about my day, get ready for the next night.

Then mid-twenties happened.

For whatever reason, the last couple of years if I have more than a couple of drinks (2-3 is my max) I am a lazy, headache-y, blob all day long the next day – something I absolutely hate. Last night I hit the 3 drink limit. (Yes, it is as pathetic as it sounds).

For that reason, I drink a lot less and not very often at that. We’re (sadly) talking a couple of glasses of wine or vodka sodas (I’m also convinced that good alcohol produces less intense hangovers).

When I was younger, hangovers didn’t bother me, but now they seem so much more brutal – and my weekends are much more precious that I don’t want to waste a minute of them because of a self-inflicted hangover.

Obviously every now and again an occasion, etc comes up where it really can’t be avoided – I’m only human. 😉

It’s no secret that the older we get, our bodies can’t process alcohol as much as they could when we were younger.

“The critical enzymes for breaking down booze are somewhat diminished in efficiency as we age,” Schaefer told

According to Schaefer,the body depends on the enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase, or ALDH and aldehyde dehydrogenase, or ADH, to break down alcohol into a nontoxic substance called acetic acid.

As those enzyme levels go down, hangovers get worse.

If you do plan to party, Schaefer says, keep another point in mind: Pounding cheap booze leads to pounding headaches the next morning. Inexpensive beer, wine and liquor are guaranteed to intensify hangovers over pricier options, he said.

“The more expensive liquors are often filtered and triple or more distilled — thus, cleaner alcohol, less junk,” he told Source

I knew I was on to something with the Grey Goose. 😉

To combat our dry mouth this morning, boyfriend whipped us up an elixir that within minutes of consumption can make me feel 100% again.

Looks appetizing doesn’t it?

In the mix:

  • Trader Joe’s Green Plant
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Frozen mangoes
  • Banana
And voila!
A juice chock full of nutrients to get us back on track and ready for the rest of the day!
Now that my thirst has been quenched and a couple slices of whole wheat PB toast has been consumed, we’re off to get a workout in, hit the beach and enjoy this beautiful weather!
Have a lovely Saturday everyone! 🙂
Do you notice a serious decline in your drink consumption abilities? What’s your remedy for feeling 100% again?
Even though I stick to very few drinks, at times they still have the ability to make me wake up feeling a little “off”. Usually getting some good nutrition in and a good workout (read: sweating) has me back on track in no time.

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