It Begins!

Gooood morning! 🙂

For those of you at work- the long weekend is within reach!

For those of you sitting on your couch like me- WOO HOO!! It’s finally here!

Since my Keurig seems to have it’s attitude problem back, my morning was not started with a steaming cup o’joe.

I do what I want. Deal with it.

Yes, the cup is STILL empty after no less than 5 tries to get the coffee flowing.

I give up.

Keurig you are single-handedly pushing me into the arms of Starbucks. I hope you’re happy.

Since I have no patience and can’t be a grown-up and buy a Kindle online and wait the 2 days for it to arrive, I had to purchase the last book in the Hunger Games – Mockingjay.

I am proud to read at a 5th grade level.

Seriously? The subject matter is probably not for children what with the entire premise of the books being about a totally unrealistic reality show involving kids fighting to the death. (I swear it’s not as weird as it sounds).



I inhaled a banana with some peanut butter for some pre-gym fuel (normally I can’t eat anything before I workout because I cramp up, but I’m a big fan of listening to what my stomach wants… and this morning, it was some eats!)

My day is going to consist of:

  • Hitting the gym  with boyfriend- the plan today is a 5 mile run and then finishing off with arms and abs exercises
  • Hitting the beach – it’s beautiful outside, and our stack of magazines aren’t going to read themselves.
I’m off to get the day started! Have a great one everyone! (Travel safe if you’re going anywhere!)

5 thoughts on “It Begins!

  1. Did you give it a good smack? If that doesn’t work, unplug it and replug it in elsewhere. Maybe it’s just not happy with it’s living space. 🙂

    Hope you had a fantastic day! I was trapped at work but now I’m free and off to chill.

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