The Great Debate

Happy Thursday! 🙂 Or if you’re taking tomorrow off like me… HAPPY FRIDAY!

I work in sales so today marks the end of a very long and hectic month and I’m so excited to close the month out on a good note… and then have a 4-day weekend to relax and enjoy the 70+ degree weather!

Yes, you read that correctly.

I can’t remember the last time jeans, a scarf and a jacket weren’t required on the 4th weekend in SF. Or when the sky was actually blue. And not gray.

Thank you America.

If it is fog free on the 4th and we can actually see the fireworks I will chalk 2011 up as the best year ever.


Well. I’ve done it.

The Chocolate PB Bomb in all of its $6.00 glory has nothing on the concoction I whipped up this morning.

Into the mix went:

  • Frozen Banana (word to the wise – cut the banana in half before freezing it so you don’t have that inappropriate looking object in your blender)
  • 1.5 c 1% milk
  • 2 T Organic Creamy PB
  • 1  Cocoa powder
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 2 handfuls Organic Spinach

Yes I will agree with you that the smoothie looks like ass. It’s a greenish-brown sludge.

But it tasted AMAZING. Chocolatey, Peanut buttery, thick and creamy. And saved me $6!

It’s also proving to fill me up and last me all morning.

And a full serving of greens too!

I’d show you a picture of it in an actual cup but I’ve been drinking it out of a bright orange Nalgene bottle that makes it appear even more horribly colored than it actually is. I really don’t think anything could make this bad boy look appetizing. You’re just going to have to get past that and take a sip.


The million dollar debate this morning is: iPad 2 or Kindle?

I have a vacation coming up in September, I ride the bus to/from work every day, and I am a serious bookworm (and not even slightly ashamed to admit that I want to re-read the entire Harry Potter series for the 3rd time after the last movie comes out).


In one corner… the Kindle

  • Cheaper
  • Easier to read in the sunlight (haven’t heard if the iPad 2 has the glare problem or not)
  • Smaller, more compact

And in the other… the iPad 2

  • Full computer
  • Sleek design
  • Kindle + iBooks available
  • More expensive – but fully functioning
  • Able to watch movies, tv shows, etc
  • Useful for travel

I’m leaning towards the iPad 2 but would LOVE to hear some first-hand reviews! Do you have either? What do you love/hate about them?

Off to finish out the month on a strong note!

Have a great Thursday!


18 thoughts on “The Great Debate

  1. Definately go for the iPad, out of these two! So much more you can do. I just got an iPhone a few weeks ago and it literally changed my life. And I’m reading iBooks on it, so I’m trying to convince myself that that’s just as good as my current dream gadget, the Nook.

    iPad is nowhere in my budget, so it’s not even on the list. At least not until it gets down under $200. It could happen, though! Like in 2020, maybe…

    But if it’s a Kindle you’re after, I’d check out the Nook. The black and white version comes with the same anti-glare screen as the Kindle (I think you’d have to deal with glare when we’re talking about NookColor), but the book selection is much larger and you get WAY more free books. I only know all this because my mom was trying to decide which to get and she went with the NookColor, so she could get her magazines on it.

    But get an iPad, so I can live vicariously through you. Also, you can blog on it when you’re on the bus!

    • Ahh I feel like for the money, and for what I want it for the Kindle is more my speed – i have an iPhone and a MacBook so I probably don’t need yet another gadget!

      I’m not that familiar with the Nook but I’ll definitely check it out!

      Maybe when the iPad3 comes out I’ll have more use for it?! Thanks so much for your advice, I feel like you can’t beat first hand experience!

  2. Just got a Kindle.

    Better in sun at the beach. New one that is “touch pad” due out in 2 months per WSJ compare and contrast article yesterday.

    i pad in place of a computer.

    Both great on a trip as you do not have to check either through security.

  3. if you really want it just for reading..prob the kindle. but if you want something that kicks ass all over the place? ipad! i have a kindle and i love it its great…but i still want an ipad! just cant justify it hah

  4. Yay for sun in SF! Unfortunately I won’t be here this weekend but live it up for me! 🙂 And that smoothie sounds great! Is the banana flavor super strong though? I’d like it for thickening purposes but not really the flavor.

    I have a kindle and I absolutely love it!!! I have the Black 3G with Wifi one (though don’t be fooled with the new ‘special offers’ one- that only means that they now can include ads on your screen! But I think the kindle is the best for reading- it’s ideal because it isn’t backlit, has the page turning buttons on each side so you can hold it with both hands and the amazon system makes things really easy. I seriously don’t have enough good things to say about it! I think the ipad 2 is great if you really want it more for browsing websites etc. but I figure I have my iphone for that and I really wanted the kindle just to read on. Plus, the kindle will hold charge for about 2 books where the ipad will have to be charged much more often. Hope that helps!

    • You sold me! I have an iPhone and Mac Book so the third apple product is probably not needed! Thank you for the heads up on the special offers! Definitely going to pay the extra moola to not have the ads!

      Going with the black 3G! What case do you have?

      As far as the smoothie goes the banana flavor wasn’t overpowering at all- I love bananas but for some reason I’m not a huge fan of them in my smoothies!

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. I have the ipad and I love it.

    Fortunately, there is a kindle app for the ipad. Unfortunately, I have not spent too much time at the beach reading it to know if there is a real glare problem. I agree with the others though, if it is just reading I’d go with the kindle.

    PS its kinda hard to do blog posting stuff on the ipad (or at least I haven’t figured it out!)

    • I think I’m going with the Kindle- it’s really just for reading – as much as I’d love the ipad between my iphone, ipod and mac book it’s probably not needed! (Seems easier to transport on the bus too!) Love hearing these reviews… nothing like first hand experience!

  6. Way to go on making a cheaper peanut butter bomb! YUM!!!!! If you already have a macbook that you can do everything on, I would go with what is cheaper for the time being. BUT, if you have the money, go with what your heart truly desires. You only live once! 🙂

    • So true! And the smoothie was SO good and SO filling! New staple!

      I feel like in the interest of trying to save money I’m going to go with the Kindle since between my iphone and MacBook I’m probably set on Apple gadgets… but all bets are off when the iPad 3 comes out! 😉

  7. They seem like different animals to me. Since I don’t have an ipad, I can’t comment on it. But — I *do* have a kindle, and I LOVE it! No complaints at all! My only problem is sometimes forgetting to charge it and then wanting to read but having to charge first — but that’s my fault for not being able to separate from it for a few minutes 🙂 Highly recommend the kindle and the case with the reading light so you can read at night without having to turn off any bedside lamps at night. Love it!

    • I’m totally on board with getting the Kindle now – you have all convinced me! I was looking at the case with the reading light! So efficient! I really just want a really sleek device to be able to read books on- paying for the hardbacks and lugging them around is getting a bit much!

  8. I don’t have a Kindle – but I have a Nook and I say go for the new Nook (it’s kinda a tablet/eReader combined – just not in color).

    We ARE planning on getting an iPad, but I can’t say that I plan on reading books on it. The backlighting would bother me too much.

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