Poo Poo Paper?

The long weekend is upon us!

The other night, boyfriend and I powered up the Netflix Instant Queue and watched a series from the Sundance Channel called “Big Ideas for a Small Planet”. Obviously my #1 episode choice was “Creatures” focusing on what else, dogs and animals!

(Those of you who know me know my love and obsession with dogs – really of any kind. Those of you that don’t are slowly learning this.) Getting a dog is something I want to do so, so, so, so, badly – but until large, active dogs (read: Labradors) can happily live in 1-bedroom apartments or boyfriend and I get work-from-home jobs – my patience is being tested in a big way.

If you want to donate your dog-walking services pro-bono please contact me ASAP. 😉

When it does happen you can be sure the pup will be featured extremely prominently on here! Like so prominently you’ll forget what the blog is about.

I also can’t wait to get a Chuck-It. I covet one of these like I covet Louboutins.


Big Ideas for a Small Planet is a documentary series on Sundance Channel and each week, a different green theme comes into focus through the work of three specific forward-thinking innovators — from scientists to product and fashion designers; from entrepreneurs to first-time inventors — inspiring audiences to incorporate green thinking and practices into all facets of their daily lives.

“Creatures”  talks about a world in which all animals are valued equally and explores new developments in search dogs, restoring bee habitats and making paper from animal waste.

While I’m not sure about using paper made from elephant waste (Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company – true story), I can certainly get behind the profits preserving their habitats, constructing elephant shelters and educating people about elephants. The company employs mainly women and refugees as well. While it’s certainly an odd idea – the message is admirable!

The below notebook is just one of their many product offerings – crazy right?!

Anyone else wondering if the paper would smell? 

I am the first person to admit my love for shows like Gossip Girl, all 137 Kardashians’ shows, Giuliana and Bill (I can’t explain it, I just love them), and well you get the idea. . . but I can honestly say I am really getting into this series! I love the idea of healthy, sustainable living – in all aspects. I’m especially excited for the “Babies” episode – Cindy Crawford is featured!

Off to relax for the rest of the night with boyfriend!

What’s your favorite show? Do you ever watch channels like the History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, Nat Geo?

Top 3 would be Gossip Girl, Glee, Modern Family and anything on E! (ok that was 4) but I LOVE watching anything on the science/nature channels… I think it’s so darn interesting!



5 thoughts on “Poo Poo Paper?

  1. I’ve used elephant poo poo paper!! It’s a bit bumpy though…So even though I felt good about preserving their habitats, little specks of who-knows-what often interrupted my pen, making it difficult to write! :-p

    I looove documentaries (self-confessed nerd here), and know I’d thoroughly enjoy this Big Ideas for a Small Planet. Of course, it would be even better followed up by an episode of Gossip Girl. Or Sex and the City. ❤

  2. oh my gosh, my obsession for all things E! almost has no bounds. embarrassing maybe, can’t explain why i find all kardash/celeb drama so fascinating, but i do!! but every now and again i do try to ‘class’ up my viewing and i think this docu-series sounds really interesting. i agree it’s an excellent charity/idea and going to some wonderful causes!

    that said, elephant poo paper, i’d prolly buy some more as a gag gift but be a little leery of actually touching it. i wonder why they didn’t go the more obvious route and make it just toilet paper? either way power to them! 🙂

  3. My fave show is Friends and it always will be. I can watch reruns and never get sick of it! Although for summer its So You Think You Can Dance.

    I always say I don’t like shows like that one you watched, but Peter does and will watch them sometimes. I always get sucked in too. 😉

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