It’s Go Time

What’s better than it being the last day of work before a long weekend with beautiful weather in the forecast?

Having 2 hours to go until you have 4 days of blissful relaxation?


When your company provides you with free lunch!

And even better is when free lunch is a Make-Your-Own Taco Bar.

All-You-Can-Eat at work? Sign me up.


Soft taco bar with alllll the fixins!


I was in heaven.



I loaded up on the chicken tacos (I’m not even embarrassed to say x3). If I didn’t get odd looks from the rest of my floor I probably would have gone back for more.


It was the happiest this desk has ever seen me. My tacos and I raged harder than Lindsay Lohan an hour after she got off house arrest.

I can’t even talk about the dessert trays.

Warm, soft Snickerdoodles – my favorite cookie in the world.


Your eyes are not deceiving you (remember those tshirts?) – those would be chocolate covered churros.

It was a perfect way to power through the last few hours of the day… I’m MORE than ready for the long weekend!


For those of you traveling for the 4th… be safe!


And to everyone else…


Just kidding… I don’t even like Jim Beam.

Grey Goose and soda.  😉


What are you most excited for this holiday weekend?

I can’t wait to sleep in, be outdoors, get in some beach (yes we have those in Northern CA) time, spend time with friends, eat delicious food, and celebrate with some tasty drinks! And my number 1 reason for loving the 4th – FIREWORKS!



3 thoughts on “It’s Go Time

  1. I’ve been wanting to try that SO badly! I think I’ll have to wait for vacation since the water up here is wayyy too cold for that! Can’t wait to hear about it! What is a brick workout? I’ve been hearing about them!

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