Weird Fact Wednesday

Good morning! Happy Hump Day! (Am I the only one who hates that it’s called hump day?)

I slept like a rock last night and in my opinion the alarm went off way too early. I was so sound asleep that it took well over a minute of the alarm going off for me to even process what was happening. I then proceeded to snooze until I knocked my phone off the bed and it slammed into the wall causing me to jump right up and out of bed.

Whatever works right?

My Keurig’s attitude problem has magically disappeared so my mornings include a lot less of me swearing and glaring at the coffee maker and a lot more of me consuming the caffeinated life blood that I need to start my day.

On my walk from the apartment to the bus stop (oh the joys of city living) Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue” came on Pandora. I haven’t heard that song since at least 2004 when I went through a huge Starting Line/Yellowcard/New Found Glory/Something Corporate stage. I think it was my way of rebelling against my boyband/Britney Spears stage of 1998-present. πŸ˜‰


The old-favorite yogurt bowl! Yes I obviously made it Red, White and Blue in honor of the 4th.

No, no I didn’t. The thought didn’t even cross my mind until I started eating it. πŸ™‚

I ran out of spinach yesterday and making my smoothie without my serving of greens just didn’t feel right.

And let’s be real – I have no real plans to eat a salad today (or any other day) so I’ll take the greens when I can get ’em!

Into the bowl went:

Hit the spot. Very filling, and full of fresh berries.

In honor of it being mid-week I thought I would do a little thing I like to call:

10 Things You Probably Never Cared To Know About Me

  1. I’ve completed three 1/2 marathons and in the process learned that I really dislike running double-digit miles
  2. I know the full lyrics to any song that I’ve heard in it’s entirety. And I will stop mid-conversation to get my American Idol on in the car if when said song comes on the radio
  3. I won’t go to bed unless the dishes are washed and I won’t leave the apt in the morning unless the bed is made. (The majority of the time – there are exceptions to every rule) πŸ˜‰
  4. I shower twice a day. It’s a thing.
  5. I have a strong aversion to ketchup. And by aversion I mean I despise it.
  6. There is no dog that I won’t approach at random on the street, beach, park, etc. I realize this is probably not the safest idea but I love dogs. I will also take pictures of said dog because I really just can’t help myself. The below dog will be mine… one day.
  7. London is hands down my favorite European city with Paris at a close second. I studied abroad in London in college and loved every. single. second of it.
  8. I love celebrity gossip and can tell you way too much about any celebrity at all times.
  9. Breakfast foods can and should be eaten at any opportunity.Β 
  10. I will not throw flowers away until they are 100% dead. I love them too much.

Have a great Wednesday! πŸ™‚

2 random facts about you… ready… GO!


13 thoughts on “Weird Fact Wednesday

  1. Loved the facts & getting to know random things about you…
    My #1: I rarely remember dreams, like maybe 2 or 3 times a year I can remember what I dreamed about while I was sleeping.
    My #2: I have never had to stay in a hospital, have surgery, or even stitches. (broken the heck out of my foot though…)

  2. I love celebrity gossip too! I meant to comment earlier on your great use of celebrity fodder in your blog.

    Two things about me:

    1. I HATE meat on the bone. I hate ripping it off, my hands getting gross, and it getting stuck in my teeth. Yuck.

    2. I will not kill or step on any bug I come across (inside the house or not). I feel like I get bad karma points if I do that.

  3. i love chewing on steak bones!!! especially bone-in ribeyes. i can chew on that for hours. and i am terrified.. TERRIFIED of pigeons and moths. you havent heard a girl scream until you hear me scream when a moth and/or pigeon comes close by. also whenever i hear an airplane go overhead i think i’m going to die/be bombed. weird? weird fact wednesday!

  4. 1. I smell like celery when I sweat. I do not know why. I do not eat that much celery.

    2. I don’t use an alarm clock to wake up, I just naturally wake up before 7AM every day. I think that makes me really odd.

    Fun Weird Fact Wednesday idea!

  5. I’m so impressed that you know the words to every song- I am so the opposite- I can never seem to remember the words unless I’ve heard it on repeat for a long time! And I feel the same way about London! I studied abroad there too and had such an absolutely incredible time that it’s my favorite city too. People always question how London could be my favorite city but I always say that they just need to go there and explore and they’ll see what I mean. Did you ever go to Borough market when you were there?! I wish we had a SF version! And I love celebrity gossip too!

    2 things about me:

    -I pick up things with my toes- like all the time. Whenever I drop hair ties, pieces of paper, bobby pins etc on the ground, it’s just how I pick them up. It’s actually a handy ability but kind of embarrassing.

    -I’m super afraid of ants. They are my biggest phobia! I know they are small but when you see one you always know there are more lurking around and it just freaks me out!

    • I totally have this crazy memory, it’s ridiculous! Where did you study abroad in London? Why are we the same person? I lived in South Kensington and loved it. I went to the Portobello Rd, Camden and Covent Garden markets but not Borough – I feel like I missed out!

      and OMG – I pick things up with my toes too!! I did it in pilates yesterday with the little ball. I love that someone else does too!

  6. I HATE mushrooms and eggplant!! ughhh
    and I need to live at the beach someday and/ or in the wine country!!! or at least get married at one of those places.
    I want to go to london sooo bad considering that is where Shah is from and number 8 and 9 on your list goes for me as well.

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