One Bowl Rirrutos!

Tonight it was time for a long-overdue trip to the wonderful Trader Joe’s.

We usually do the majority of our food shopping there and then stop by Whole Foods when we’re in the mood to blow a paycheck, and Safeway when it’s something last-minute on the shopping list.

TJ’s also has the most gorgeous flowers (they seriously give Whole Foods a run for their money).

Like tonight’s find – gorgeous hot pink peonies!

I love fresh flowers and deem it totally necessary to buy them every week, even though I basically just watch them gradually die. They’re just so darn pretty to look it.

I prefer Trader Joe’s for the prices, the variety, and how unique everything is. I do not love it for the produce, but in our apartment, things tend to get eaten rather quickly.

Sometimes I even make sure there’s food left for boyfriend. I kid, I kid.

When I was wandering aimlessly down the aisles I had the chocolate-covered peanut butter filled pretzels that Emily had recommended on the brain. My .5 second attention span was interrupted when I came across these babies.

Feast your eyes on Dark Chocolate Pretzel Thins.


They are SO dark choclatey delicious. Yes that is the only word I can possibly use to describe them.

Even the fact that you can barely taste the pretzel is fine with me since I’m in it for the chocolate anyway. 😉

A full fridge is a happy fridge.



We were both thinking something easy with minimal prep/cook work but we didn’t want to skimp on flavor or taste.

The pre-packaged BBQ Pulled Chicken caught his eye, and all thoughts of having anything else for dinner immediately left my mind.

We had to have this.


One Bowl Pulled Chicken Rirrutos! 

Rirrutos are the word that always comes in mind when we make burritos. In case you aren’t familiar with the term…

Billy Madison: Bunt. B-U-N-T, in perfect cursive. Any more brain busters?
Veronica Vaughn: “Rizzuto”? 
Veronica Vaughn: Rirruto?
Billy Madison: Those’re Z’s.
Veronica Vaughn: They look like R’s to me.
Billy Madison: That’s not fair! Rizzuto’s not a word! He’s a baseball player! You’re cheating!

Moving right along…

In the mix:

  • TJ’s BBQ Pulled Chicken
  • Can of sweet corn
  • Can of organic black beans
  • Sliced red onion
  • Splash red wine
  • Salsa, cheese to add on top



Along with the Pulled Chicken Breast, we picked up some single kernel corn and organic black beans.



Then we chopped up an onion and put the onion, corn, beans, and chicken into a sauce pan. The secret ingredient we added to the mix? None other than a bit of red wine.

After heating everything up on low heat for about 10 minutes, it was time to get things wrapped up.

If it looks good to you, it smelled even better at this point. I was salivating. I even willed myself not to take a taste test. That my friends is a little thing we call willpower.

Before wrapping them up in a Whole Wheat Lavash Wrap, we added a little salsa (Papalote of course) and mozzarella cheese.


And dug right in.

They were amazing. Spicy Papalote, tangy BBQ chicken, sweet corn and onions, beans, and cheese.

Perfection in a rirruto. 😉

Total amount of dishes dirtied? 3 (1 sauce pan, 2 plates). My kind of meal! (Especially for a non-dishwasher equipped SF apt!)



Perfect amount of food, I’m totally satisfied without being stuffed… and thrilled about the lack of dishes waiting to be washed!

Boyfriend and I off to watch Reservoir Dogs… can you believe I’ve never seen it? (But have seen Center State 17 times?). I’m special.

Have a great night!


Name You Favorite Flower… ready…. GO!

My top 3 are Tulips, Star Gazer Lilies, and Peonies/Hydrangea’s. My mom is a master gardener and has an absolutely beautiful garden so I think I get my love of fresh flowers from her. In my opinion they brighten up a room like nothing else can!


18 thoughts on “One Bowl Rirrutos!

  1. Love those pink peonies!! My favorite flowers are gerbera daisies because they’re so bright and cheerful. 🙂 And I completely agree with you about TJ’s flowers…what a steal!

    Billy Madison is near and dear to my heart. And so is your Rirruto dinner! Mmmm. ❤

  2. Hee to Billy Madison. LOVE that movie 🙂

    I’m so jealous of the TJs I’m actually turning green while I write this. PLEASE make them open some in Florida!!

    I love tulips, roses, mums (those thing never die!) and hydrangea. Any kind of flower makes me happy though!

    • I was totally reciting that line as I wrote the post too!

      Ahh I can’t believe TJ’s hasn’t graced the entire country… especially somewhere like Florida! They would do amaazing there! I might just have to do a TJ’s give-away sometime soon so that everyone can experience it!

      Flowers make me SO happy too!

  3. peonies (pink, especially) are hands down, my favorite flower. that dinner looks good.. i’m gona have to copy you on that!

  4. yum that looks great! love the billy madison quotes too..classic film. i dont really know much about flowers but i do know i love peonies… ( i learned like 2 flowers when we got married hah) umm but thats the only one i remember. peonies!

  5. Those rirruto’s look fabulous! It’s been way too long since my last TJ trip (and since I’ve seen Billy Madison). I love that store! I laughed about blowing a paycheck at Whole Foods, so true!

    I love fresh flowers, my favorites are daffodils, gardenias, and petunias. Mmmmm!

  6. Bahaha! Is it bad that I see the movie playing in my head? …. the *exact* scene you were quoting…. uh-oh.
    I’m more than a color than a type of flower…. If it is bright, flirty, and different than I like it. ….. Tulips top the list, because I’m Dutch! 🙂

  7. Oh I love those hot pink peonies! I should really pick some up for my desk! I love roses and tulips as well!

    And your dinner looks delicious! How did I not know about the pulled chicken at TJs? I’m going to pick some up immediately! And glad you tried the dark chocolate pretzel thins! I’ve been eyeing them for a while but don’t know if they’d last longer than a night…

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