Just Couldn’t Stay Away

Goood afternoon! Hope your day is going great! πŸ™‚

There was a new torture device introduced in Pilates this afternoon.

This little bad boy makes your legs and booty feel like they’re about to fall off and cease to ever work again.

The normal Pilates teacher was out, but the sub we had was actually really great.

She switched things up by playing music, adding in more toys pain devices, and changing the flow/moves of the class.

I left feeling the same combination of weak/strong that I usually feel but I didn’t find myself staring at the clock as much.

I’d call it a success πŸ˜‰

If your gym offers Mat Pilates classes or you belong to a studio, definitely check out the class. The first one is going to be super awkward but I swear you’ll leave with a tight-feeling core… even if you don’t like it and never go back!


I’m not going to bore you with my lunch but part of it definitely involved something that looks identical to this:

Yes I couldn’t stay away from the Chocolate PB Bomb Smoothie. It’s just so darn refreshing.

Mark my words I’m re-creating it for breakfast tomorrow – I’ll let you know the success/failure rate. I’m whole-heartedly expecting a fail but I sometimes surprise myself!


In honor of the afternoon drag… Round 4 of celebrities looking totally realistic while working out! Enjoy πŸ™‚

She completely stole my look. I tend to complete my HIIT intervals in sports bra, full makeup, and hair down as well. Cavallari doesn’t sweat. She glistens.

Royals finish 5Ks in Β£270 Bulgari sunglasses and since they don’t sweat, take their hair down immediately after.

Not sure about your workout attire, but mine always includes a lacy sports bra.

Have a great rest of your day! πŸ™‚


Name your single favorite piece ofΒ  workout attire…. GO!


4 thoughts on “Just Couldn’t Stay Away

    • My gym’s cafe! I feel like it would be so easy to make though! They use: choc protein powder, banana, 2T PB, soy milk and ice. I think I’d add spinach for some greens too! Maybe a frozen banana instead of ice?

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