Raining Cats and Dogs

I’ve gone from S.A.D. to just downright annoyed.

The morning that was gloomy and dreary has turned into an afternoon torrential downpour.


Yes I will use any excuse for a puppy picture on this blog.

I was really looking forward to my TRX Class at the gym today – especially because the teacher who brought the class to my gym would be teaching. Last week was a sub and while I really enjoyed it… I had a feeling today would be better.

I got to the lobby of my building and it’s down-pouring.

My gym is about 4 city blocks away so I knew there was no way that was going to happen. After waiting in the lobby about 5 minutes I saw a co-worker coming in, quickly begged and pleaded with her to use her umbrella for an hour, and off I went.

Boot-cut jeans in the pouring rain? Really great idea.

I arrived at the gym with my jeans soaked up to about mid-calf. My leather ballet flats will never be the same, mark my words.



The TRX class on the other hand… was AMAZING.

The teacher was super energetic, and knew what he was talking about. He had the music that was designed for the workout so that every 45 seconds a buzzer would sound signaling us to change moves.

Like 45 seconds of this: (quite possibly the hardest plank I have ever done in my entire life)


That immediately went into 45 seconds of this: (legs were burning and not functioning properly)


Which turned into 45 seconds of each of these (minus the Cirque du Soleil stunt on the bottom right. There was none of that. Thank goodness. If you could only see my severe lack of coordination).


The 30-minute class was more than enough and I left with jello arms and legs. I rounded out the workout with an easy 2 miles on the treadmill (about 8:57-9:13 pace) and cooled down with some stretching (which I definitely do not do enough of yet it makes all the difference in the world! Do it.)


Here’s a big surprise –

Yes that would be my beloved Fresh Basil Pesto Turkey Wrap.

In case you ever want to re-create this little beauty:

  • Turkey
  • Fresh basil pesto
  • Provolone cheese
  • Lots of spinach
  • Red onion

Grilled to perfection and wrapped up in a spinach tortilla. SO good.

I rounded out lunch with a bag of BBQ Pop Chips (obviously) and one of these bad boys (totally re-creatable if you ever figure out if there are Lamonds or Almonds inside of them):

I realize how disgusting it looks but it tasted like a dark chocolate Lara Bar (which I’m slowly coming around to. They still don’t hold a candle to Kind Bars)


In other Shutterfly Photobook news, I tweeted to Shutterfly that I wasn’t able to use my voucher for a free photobook last night because the photos were taking too long to upload before midnight hit but since I spent so much time perfecting the book I coughed up the $35 and ordered it anyway this morning.

What do they do? They credit me back the $35! 🙂 That my friends is customer service.

They upgraded their photo-books, layouts, pages, etc so I would highly recommend next time you make one you head over there. I’m seriously impressed.

Time to finish up the day- it’s month end over here in Sales Land and things are crazy busy!

Best customer service reference – GO! Did it make you want to go back there? On the other hand if you had a terrible experience somewhere did it leave a bad taste in your mouth about the place forever?

Today’s experience was far and away the best I’ve ever received. Within an hour of tweeting to Shutterfly I had a response, a personal e-mail to confirm that I had indeed been credited and an apology that the site was taking so long. A+


8 thoughts on “Raining Cats and Dogs

  1. Apple had some really bad customer service for me once. I got new laptop and it came DOA (dead on arrival) and the guy was mean to me…. I try to be very nice and understanding to customer service people that talk to unhappy people all day whose things are broken. But he was meant to me! UGH! I wanted to throw nice out the window when he was rude. I’m sorry I just sent you $2,000 and you send me paper weight?? (computer wouldn’t even turn on… so that is all it was good for.)
    Best customer service: also apple, I guess it depends who you get?
    Your workout would make my gloomy day better! Hope the sun comes out to play!

  2. It has been raining like crazy here lately too. On one hand – I love the rain because it brings the temperatures way down (which means a lower electric bill), but it can be SUCH a bummer. I need some sunshine tomorrow!

    Oh wow – what an awesome workout. I want a TRX class near me!!

    Yay about Shutterfly!

    Earlier this year when Braeden dropped my iPhone in the toilet I brought it to the Apple Store expecting to pay at a minimum $200 for a refurbished phone. I left with a FREE replacement phone, even though my phone wasn’t covered by any kind of warranty. They were SO awesome and completely understanding!

    • If there ever is one near you – totally check it out! It’s so killer but so fun!

      It’s supposed to be in the 70’s here this weekend and I’m crossing my fingers that actually happens! How sad is it that most SF places don’t even HAVE A/C?

      That is so cool about Apple! I love them!

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