Deja Vu

Evening everyone! (Yes, I apparently do think I’m from a small town in the south.)

Tonight may look just a little familiar…

My good friend Lexi and I make a point to have a girl’s night as often as we can, and tonight was no exception.

We were fully prepared to walk in the bit of rain that was still falling but as luck would have it, the rain completely stopped 5 minutes into our walk. It’s like they knew we were coming. We’re in with SF like that.

The fog however, was in full force. A thick layer covered the bridge – but I’ll gladly take it over the torrential downpours! In case you were wondering, my curly hair looked even better after an hour in that mess.

I bet the people on this cruise ship thought by cruising to California they’d have warm, sunny weather and white sand beaches.


Everytime I run or walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, you have to slap Hopper’s Hands before you turn around. (Being the dog-loving city that we are, there is also a Hopper’s Paws for man’s best friend to feel included.)

If you live in SF you’ve inevitably seen these hands, and if you don’t, but have ever visited, they’re on the chain link fence by Fort Point, right under the GG Bridge, at the dead end which signifies the furthest a runner can go.

The Hopper’s Hands plaque is named for one of the Golden Gate Bridge’s iron workers. Ken Hopper not only helped in the construction of the bridge, risking his life on a daily basis, but later he became a suicide rescue volunteer. Hopper noticed runners slapping the fence as they turned around each morning and asked the bridge painter to paint a picture of two handprints for the runners to hit.

Continue reading on Hopper’s Hands – San Francisco Running | 

From there we headed to dinner at a place that may seem familiar on this blog (which is ironic because I’ve been there twice in the past year – both times in the last 2 weeks). I swear I never go out to dinner this often!


After I had raved for a good 17 minutes to Lexi about how she had to try the Tortilla Soup, we thought that grabbing dinner post-walk seemed like a win-win.

We started with the guac (like I’d ever start with anything other than the guac… c’mon)

Tip – dipping into guac then salsa while simultaneously keeping guac on the chip is your best bet to total food heaven.

A round of drinks – Rosenblum Zin for me, Mamacita Margarita for Lex

Wine is hands down my drink of choice – unless it’s a night out on the town. In that case I stick to Grey Goose and sodas because I have convinced myself it’s harder to be “overserved” with nicer alcohol. Try it, I’ve started to believe it even though it hasn’t worked once.

Next up came the Queso Fundido – tres queso, salsa verde, chorizo and perfection

And then came the dish of honor – The Tortilla Soup!

Yes I’m just as disappointed as you are with the lack of the authentic clay pitchers and the inclusion of these generic white porcelain ones. Who are they kidding? It threw off my entire meal.

The soup did not disappoint. This time they even add giant kernels of sweet corn into the mix. I could have eaten a bowl of them on the side they were that good.

Great girls night! My eyes are slowly starting to close as I sit here typing this – between the wine, my 6ish hours of sleep last night, and my severe arm/leg weakness that was fully exploited in TRX today, it’s time for bed! (Riiiight after boyfriend and I finish this episode of Whale Wars… I want to be a Sea Shepard.)

Tomorrow we’re halfway through the week! Goodnight all! 🙂

Do you have a go-to restaurant? What’s your favorite part about girls nights?

Shockingly enough, I don’t really have a go-to restaurant. My beloved Barney’s Burgers is up there but I usually (not that you’d know it with all the eating out that’s occurred on this blog lately) prefer to cook!

Spending time with my girlfriends and catching up over wine and delicious food makes for a perfect girls night to me!


8 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. Cheeky Taqueria is my go to place. I adore the variety of their tacos. All so interesting and flavorful. Your meal looks quite the tasty one!

    Never heard of HOppers Hands. I love when places have little traditions like that.

    • I love Mexican food – always so flavorfull! If I hadn’t stuffed myself with chips, guac and queso, tacos definitely would have been on the menu!

      I love when things like that have meaning too! Makes it all that much more interesting.

  2. Great pic of the two of you. I liked learning about Hoppers Hands, I’d never heard of them, good history lesson too. Enjoying all the information you provide in your blog! Keep it up!

  3. How interesting about Hopper’s Hands! I’m clearly a bad San Franciscan because I had no idea! And how funny- I just went to Mamacita last week and it was soooo good! I don’t normally like guac but their guac was amazing! And I had the carne asada tacos which were delish but next time I’m going to have to try their tortilla soup!

    I don’t really have a go-to restaurant- I like trying new ones, especially since we live in a city full of so many amazing ones! And my favorite part of girls nights is catching up in detail on each others lives- it’s just so much better in person than it is on the phone/computer!

  4. Haha I didn’t know it either until I googled it a while back! I re-discovered my loooove for Mamacitas the past 2 weeks! Carne Asada is my favorite and if I hadn’t already eaten my body weight in guac and queso, tacos would have been next up!

    Agreed on restaurants and girls nights – I do love Beretta in the mission though! Have you tried Zero Zero? I’m dying to!

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