Great news everyone – Monday is 1/2 way over! šŸ™‚

In my efforts to make the work day go by as quickly as possible I went to my new favorite Mat Pilates class at the gym during my lunch hour.

I walked in with a little spring in my step.

Oh yeah, third class. My abs are definitely stronger than last week. I’ll probably even be able to straighten my legs during teaser. I should probably sit in the front row.

No, no they are not. I thought my abs muscles were going to stop supporting me altogether. And sitting in the front row only allows you to see the grimacing facial expressions you’re making in the mirror that much clearer.


Expect a LOT of this. Please ignore the amazing mid-90’s ponytail we have here. Google you aren’t giving me much to work with.

I am really into Pilates (yes after 3 classes) for 3 reasons:

  • It works your core – core strength is necessary for just about any other form of exercise you do – running, biking, swimming, everything. A strong core makes everything easier, and allows you to go harder, longer. (Yes I giggled when I wrote that, don’t think for one second I didn’t.)

“Think of (your body) as a tree, Pilates experts say. Does it have all its strength in its limbs? No. The tree is only as strong as its trunk and roots. Without a strong trunk, the tree would topple over.

It’s the same for human bodies, say Pilates experts. If we don’t concentrate on building a good foundation and a strong trunk or core, we’ll end up tight in some places and weak in others” Source

  • It conditions the entire body- I left today with sore arms, legs, booty and abs
  • It’s low impact – as long as you’re listening to your body (how far you can/can’t push it). Pilates is for the most part done sitting down, and laying down on your back or stomach so it’s only partially weight-bearing. It’s so safe it’s used as Physical Therapy Source

I somehow survived the class (and my abs didn’t give out on me, which was an added bonus) and left the class with only 1 thing on my mind.

I was more parched than hungry leaving the class so I finally got what I’ve been salivating over for so long.

The Chocolate PB Bomb

Yes I may or may not have inhaled half of it on my walk back from the gym. It was AMAZING.

Like drinking a Chocolate, Peanut Butter milkshake… only healthy and actually good for you!

It was rich, creamy, chocolate-peanut buttery goodness. Why I ever went for the Ultimate Crap Green is beyond me.

It would be SO easy to recreate this at home for a snack, breakfast, whatever. They literally used Whole Foods Organic Creamy PB, Chocolate Protein Powder (and then tried to sell me some- noooo thank you sir), organic bananas, soymilk, ice.

I think I would go frozen banana, and add in a little agave nectar to really kick it up a notch. I’m thinking that if I added spinach the flavor would be totally disguised but it would add a serving of greens to it too.

Hello Tuesday breakfast project! šŸ™‚

What’s your favorite post-workout snack?

I love a good protein smoothie (mainly because I love milkshakes and this is really the only way I could possibly drink at least 1/day. Chocolate milk ties a smoothie for first. Are you sensing a chocolate theme here? Weird.


One thought on “Finally!

  1. I do that for breakfast all the time, a green monster turned brown. Delish! The husband can’t believe that it’s health food… Chocolate protein powder, frozen banana, huge amounts of spinach, water, and about 24 pieces of ice. 42 oz for 250 delicious calories…. I think this is a winner each and every time I drink it!

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