Very Engaging

How is it already Sunday night? I swear I was just getting used to it being Friday at 5pm, and here we are again.

Today we headed out to Marin (across the Golden Gate Bridge) to attend an engagement party for 2 good friends.

It was a blast.

The party was “Fiesta” themed and the guys throwing the party really didn’t miss a beat.

Ice Cold Cervezas. Citrus Infused Margaritas. Sombreros. A piñata (for the sake of this post we will refer to it as a death trap).

But what really stole the show was the food.


Grilled Shrimp Skewers 

Grilled Tortillas

Homemade Carne Asada and Pork

More shrimp and pork

It was quite the spread and I enjoyed every last bite. The boys have all been friends since they were little kids, and one of them happens to be an extremely talented chef… and his food never disappoints.

My plate looked something like this (with shrimp skewer x 3):

Chicken Taco, Carne Asada Taco, Cilantro/Onion, Red Salsa

I may or may not have gone back for extra meat. It was that good.

For dessert, our gracious hostess made her famous brownies.

I’m not usually one for brownies. I find them dry, and generally really boring. (Unless they have a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top – then it’s game on).

It became clear to me that I’ve been eating really crappy brownies all my life because these were AMAZING.

Moist (I hate that word and this is probably the only time you will ever see that appear on this blog), Chocolate-y, thick, chewy, and all-around perfect. Well done Joanie, WELL DONE.

I would have gladly asked for a doggie bag to take some home for tonight’s this week’s dessert, but seeing as how it was the first time we had met, and trying not to embarrass myself too badly, I opted against it.

I’m really regretting that decision as I sit here staring at the picture, imaging exactly what another one of those little squares of perfection would taste like.

After we ate, it was piñata time!

Everything was going well and good until the groom took the bat and started swinging like Britney Spears against the paparazzi during her “dark years” as I like to call them.

I was clearly not paying attention to anything but the piñata splitting open and revealing the glorious candy inside (I have my priorities straight) when all of a sudden the groom had a direct hit.

Normally there is nothing I like more than mini bottles of tequila spilling out of a cardboard and paper object after it gets obliterated by a baseball bat.

Today said tequila bottles made direct contact with my skull causing the large goose egg I’m currently sporting. (And seriously wondering if this qualifies as an “injury” to call in sick from work tomorrow.)

But the bottom line was- he got the mini bottles out. And jawbreakers. And Double Bubble. And CHICLETS. Yes, this was a genius piñata.

Don’t cry over spilled milk tequila right? 😉

It was a great day with boyfriend and great friends and quite frankly, I’m really bummed it’s over!

Off to bed… it just occurred to me that I will be waking up for work in exactly 6.5 hours.

Le sigh.

Goodnight all! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Very Engaging

  1. That food looks AMAZING! I, too, am generally not a brownie lover. Too many bad Duncan Hines brownie mixes that got overcooked. Those look delicious though! I would go to every party they threw in the future (and apparently take a helmet haha!)

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