Leggo My Eggo

Goood morning! 🙂

Hope your weekend has been going great! The sun has been shining (cue dramatic pause) ALL WEEKEND!

I do not know who SF had to butter up for this kind of weather but I’m not complaining.

My morning started off with my requisite cup o’ joe.


I was reallllly in the mood for this little bad boy, but decided to save myself the 15 minute walk and $4.00 and just settle for what I have.



My life is so tough sometimes.

Breakfast on the other hand, I did not skimp out on.

Isn’t there a rule somewhere that Sunday breakfasts have to be the best of the week? No?

I’m probably just justifying it then 🙂

  • 2 Trader Joe’s Multi-Grain Toaster Waffles
  • Organic Peanut Butter
  • 0% Chobani Greek Yogurt (I really only like the plain, the ones with the flavors are a little sweet for my taste, but people LOVE them!)
  • Cinnamon
  • Agave Nectar
  • Sliced Organic Strawberries
If you make one thing today, MAKE THIS.
It was savory, sweet and chock full of protein, carbs and healthy fats to totally satisfy without filling you to the brim.
This weekend breakfast will 100% be making a repeat appearance!
We’re getting a later start today because we were out pretty late last night celebrating the engagement of 2 very good friends.
The party was a blast, the food was delicious – homemade garlic bread, lasagna, rosemary steak and chicken, homemade pesto, salad, chips & guac. YUM! I definitely sampled one of each.
There was also a lot of this:
And let’s just say a limbo contest (you know I got low, even in heels) and a dance party to which the cops were called to put an end to.
Fantastic night to celebrate an awesome couple 🙂 I can’t WAIT for the wedding!
Today we’re off to another Engagement Party (is it wedding season or what?) – this time with a Fiesta theme!
Can’t wait to dig into some tacos and wash ’em down with an ice-cold cerveza!
Happy Sunday!

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